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Dolphins vs Texans 2021 final score, immediate reactions for Week 9

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans have finished their game today as the Texans came to pay the Dolphins a visit at Hard Rock Stadium. It was a very low scoring, sloppy affair as the teams combined for 9 turnovers.

Final Score

Texans 9 - Dolphins 17

First Half

We got news about two hours before the start of the game that Jacoby Brissett would be the starter due to Tua Tagovailoa dealing with a fractured finger on his throwing hand. Tua dressed to be the emergency quarterback if needed. The quarterback drama just cannot end with this team.

The Dolphins went 3 and out on their first possession and didn’t even gain a yard. After the punt, Tyrod Taylor was leading the Texans offense down towards the redzone. Thankfully he floated a pass into the endzone which was picked off by the rookie, Jevon Holland. Kudos to Brandon Jones who blitzed on the play also.

After the interception, Brissett led the offense down to the redzone thanks to some good throws from him, some short runs from Myles Gaskin, and a one handed catch from Mike Gesicki. When the offense got into the redzone, the Wildcat came out with Gaskin taking the snap in for a six yard touchdown. Score Texans 0 - Dolphins 7.

The Texans went 3 and out on the ensuing drive but get the ball back quickly as Brissett heaves one downfield and is picked off thanks to the pressure provided by the Texans defense. Thankfully the Texans cannot do anything either and have to punt the ball away and that ends the first quarter.

The Dolphins tried to get the running game going but it’s only some short runs from Gaskin. The Texans strip the ball from Gaskin and get the fumble recovery around the Dolphins 35 yard line. Taylor and the offense cannot do much and have to settle for a 31 yard field goal. Score Texans 3 - Dolphins 7.

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Dolphins 3 and out. The Dolphins defense applied a ton of pressure on the following drive forcing the Texans to punt. Andrew Van Ginkel was credited with a sack and Emmanuel Ogbah had a nice pass deflection. Holland fumbles on the punt return though and the Texans recover around the 25. The defense takes care of business again and the Texans settle for another field goal. Score Texans 6 - Dolphins 7.

It’s frustrating to watch this offensive line every week. Just as things are going well, Brissett gets sacked for a huge loss setting up a 2nd and 22 across midfield. Gesicki makes another great one handed catch to get them near a first, but cannot convert. Dolphins settle for a field goal. Score Texans 6 - Dolphins 10.

Just before halftime the Texans get the ball back. Ogbah gets a sack and a play later Taylor makes a boneheaded decision and just flicks the ball away, but it’s intercepted by Jerome Baker. Kudos to Jaelan Phillips for the excellent pressure after blowing up an o-lineman.

Dolphins get the ball back at the 25 and Brissett finds Durham Smythe to get the offense down to the 5. Three plays later, Brissett hits Mack Hollins for 6. Score Texans 6 - Dolphins 17.

Second Half

Texans get the ball to start the half and after a few plays Justin Coleman gets an interception near midfield after Adam Butler tipped it at the line of scrimmage. Three plays later, Brissett has a pass deflected at the line and is also picked off. Both offenses don’t want to do much today, as Houston goes three and out again and have to punt.

The Dolphins offense makes its way downfield with some dink and dunk but stalls out around midfield and Michael Palardy is out to punt again.

Well the Dolphins had the Texans pinned near their own goal line, but the Texans were able to convert a long 3rd down. Former Dolphins, Danny Amendola, takes a pass for 48 yards and then a short pass to David Johnson get the Texans into the redzone. Defense holds though and Texans go for the field goal. Score Texans 9 - Dolphins 17.

Dolphins get the ball back after a nice return from Jaylen Waddle but Brissett gets strip sacked a few plays later. How fitting as we now have 8 combined turnovers today.

The quarterback play from both teams have left much to be desired. Taylor trips over his own guy two plays into the drive resulting in an easy sack for the Dolphins defense. On third down, an all out blitz forces Taylor to just throw the ball away. PUNT.

Dolphins have to punt the ball away with 2:57 left in the ballgame as the Texans will take over on their 19 yard line. The Dolphins young safeties have been playing a great ballgame as Brandon Jones gets a fumble recovery after Eric Rowe knocks the ball out of the receivers hands. That’s nine combined turnovers, the most since 2016.

DOLPHINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!