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Tuesday Evening Phinsider Question Of The Day

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We as Miami Dolphins fans tend to be a critical bunch, to say the least. Many of us have weathered this kind of up and down play, like we have seen over the last two seasons, from our favorite NFL franchise for so long that some of us may not really believe that it can ever truly be fixed or that it will ever truly end. But for the long nightmare to finally end we are going to have to begin to seriously hit on our draft picks at a fairly high rate in order to dig the team out of the hole that so many front offices and coaching staffs have left it in. It always seems like groundhog day if you are a Dolphins fan. But for all of the downtimes, and we sure know how to have those as Phins fans, we are in the midst of a pretty decent win streak after looking like we might not win another game this season following 7 straight losses.

So tonight’s Phinsider question of the day is during this current winning streak, which is now up to four games, which individual player has surprised you? By surprised, I mean what player has either started to play to the level you have always expected or maybe even surpassed it. It doesn’t have to be a rookie but for the most part, what we have from the prior three drafts “should” be the foundation of this team going forward for many years.

Give us your thoughts below and let the debate begin...