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Phillip Lindsay looked good in his Miami Dolphins debut

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

When running back Phillip Lindsay was released by the Houston Texans a few days ago, fans all over the world started to bang the table as to why he’d be a good fit for their favorite team—I know I did. And after one game with the Miami Dolphins, I’m not scared to say it! I’m happy with what I saw out of #31 in his Dolphins’ debut.

Lindsay ran like his hair was on fire—exploding through holes regardless of what the consequences might be. He looked decisive and brought a different type of energy to Miami’s stable of running backs. Lindsay also made a game-changing block after an EDGE rusher came free after another Liam Eichenberg whiff. If Phillips doesn’t make this block, there’s a good chance the big play to Jaylen Waddle never happens.

Lindsay shared his thoughts on the play.

“That doesn’t take talent. All that takes is determination and effort, and being of the dog mentality to say I’m not going to let my quarterback get hit. Honestly, that’s what it’s all about. In my head how I process things, and I’m a little crazy, but how I process things is I’m protecting this man, his health and everything about him. If I sit here and I let him go and I let him get hit, his family is watching this, my family is watching this and it’s a bad thing. On top of that, this is how I keep food on the table for my family and I really take that serious. That’s truly who I am, and y’all will get to know me a little bit more about that, but I am crazy in the head (Laughter). At the end of the day ain’t nothing going to stop me from feeding my family.”

His number was even called late in the fourth quarter when the team needed to put the game on ice. Lindsay, along with the rest of Miami’s offense, moved the ball effectively and did enough to keep the clock churning. It was arguably the best performance by the Dolphins in all three phases of the game this season.

It was an impressive performance, much like Lindsay’s debut on Sunday.

I have to admit. I didn’t expect much from Lindsay vs. the Panthers, considering he was only signed off waivers on November 24th. However, the fact that he could come in and immediately pick up the playbook—earning himself playing time—should say everything about what type of player the Dolphins acquired.

But if that wasn’t enough, here’s what Lindsay said during his post-game press conference on what it was like being cut by the Texans and how determined he was never to see that type of defeat in his son’s eyes.

I’m not sure how big of a role Phillip Lindsay will have moving forward. Still, if this game was any indication, we should expect to see more of the veteran RB as Miami tries to desperately push towards a .500 record and an improbable post-season birth.

Run, Lindsay, Run!

What are your thoughts on Phillip Lindsay’s debut with the Miami Dolphins? Were you impressed with what he was able to do after only four days of practice? How do you feel about the Dolphins’ offense moving forward? Is Lindsay a potential long-term fix at RB? Let us know in the comments section below!

Enjoy your victory Monday!