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What a difference two wins makes as Dolphins fan confidence skyrockets


Ahead of last Thursday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins fans were given a chance to vote on their confidence in the team’s direction. Coming off their first win in eight weeks with a Week 9 victory over the Houston Texans, fans were expecting the worst when it came to facing the Ravens. The fan confidence hit an all-time low for Dolphins fans, dropping down to just 16 percent of the fans saying they believed in the direction of the team.

Fast forward a week later, and we have the latest SB Nation Reacts and DraftKings Sportsbook fan confidence poll results, and we will just say there is a little bit of a difference. Two wins in a row, one over the Ravens who have owned the Dolphins over the past several years, and fans seem...a little...more confidence in the team.

Week 10 fan confidence was 16 percent. Week 11 fan confidence? 48 percent.

Yes, the fan base is nearly back to a 50/50 split on believing the team is headed in the right direction. What a difference two wins can make.

This weekend, the Dolphins face off against the New York Jets. If they can come away with a win over their AFC East rivals, will the fan confidence push into a majority seeing the positive for the direction of the Dolphins?