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Phinsider Perspective Episode 3: Texans-Dolphins review and Ravens-Dolphins preview

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Episode three of the newest show on the Phinsider Radio network went live last night as I released Phinsider Perspective into the wild. This show is a weekly chance for me to just sit down and talk Miami Dolphins football. It is really a stream of consciousness type of show, where I just give you some of my thoughts surrounding what is happening with the Dolphins.

You can check out the show wherever you get your podcasts, and make sure you follow, rate, and all that fun. Phinsider Perspective is one of three shows on the network, so when you follow, you will also add Phinsider Radio and The Blowhole to your downloads. You get three different...perspectives...on the Dolphins in one follow. Sounds like a deal.

The latest episode of Phinsider Perspective is below for you to check out. The embed may get pulled out of some browsers, so if you do not see it, make sure you head over to wherever you get your podcasts and search for The Phinsider.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts on the show in the comments. The basic idea of this is to keep it to a shorter length, but I want to keep the show relevant to what you want to discuss. Share your ideas or how you would like to see the show evolve.