This organization ain't $#!t

Period. How long is a rebuild supposed to take? Buffalo has figured it out. There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to compete with them. They are in our division and the road to the playoffs is going through them. They are young and have a stud at the QB position. They are set up to be dominate for a very long time.

Most importantly, They have an identity.

What is the Dolphins identity? With Fitz behind center at least we looked like a competitive NFL team. Guys played hard for him and gave maximum effort. I'm not sure what this current team is doing. Pure Trash

Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that Fitz was our franchise QB. But his replacement should have at least beat him out of the position and not have been handed the job while the coach is preaching I'm playing the players that gives us the best chance to win. This is where Flo lost this locker room in my opinion.

Back to this current organization. I'm not advocating for anyone from the top or bottom to be fired. Nope...Not a single one. However...From the owner down to the ball boy, I want the opportunity to stick my foot so far up their @sses that the water in my knee will quench their thirst.

This organization can't scout, can't draft, can't coach...The organization should be renamed Can't Get Right. Which has been true for over 20 years...And there are those who are preaching patience...LOL LOL

The Apostle Paul has lost patience with this team. And I'm just a simple whiskey sipping 12 pack guzzling fat man. And I'm supposed to show more patience. You have to be kidding me.

Get me a QB...That's all. Starting today...Can't get Right..All you have is one Job...QB! Those of you who who think Aaron Rodgers would come to this Trash heap is snorting some high quality cocaine. Not a snowballs chance in hell.

We have to focus on a QB who is desperate. Cam Newton or Watson. Hell bring both of them in I don't give a damn. Why should I care what it costs, not my money. Without a competent QB behind center, the team isn't going anywhere.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying Cam or Watson is our Franchise QB, But someone has to stop this bleeding. As our D can't seem to stop a nose bleed.

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