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Deshaun Watson trade rumors: Dolphins only team remaining, but no trade expected

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have been linked to a possible trade for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson since the offseason. The rumors ebb and flow, with speculation that the teams are close dying off into no reports for several weeks before ramping back up. With the NFL trade deadline coming on Tuesday, the flow part of the cycle is here, and it is at full force.

Except a report on Sunday morning indicates nothing is expected to happen. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Texans are expected to keep Watson through the trade deadline, then look to reopen trade talks in the offseason. Basically, it seems as though the Dolphins are not meeting the Texans’ desired compensation, so Houston is hoping waiting until the offseason could bring more teams to the table and create a bidding war for the quarterback.

Of course, the Dolphins could also be refusing to agree to a deal while Watson is still facing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. The quarterback is the subject of 22 civil lawsuits from massage therapists, and there is an open criminal investigation into the allegations. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is believed to be supportive of a trade, but wants all legal issues settled prior to final approval of the deal.

Watson’s contract includes a no-trade clause, giving him the right to veto any deal the Texans want to make. Reports have indicated he has waived that cause when it comes to the Dolphins. There is no indication he has approved a deal to any other team.

If a trade is to materialize, Houston and Miami have until 4pm ET on Tuesday to submit the deal to the league. As of the latest rumors, it sounds like no deal is going to be made.