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The Good, Bad & Ugly from the Miami Dolphins’ Pathetic Week Four Loss Against the Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This season wasn’t supposed to feel like every other disappointing Miami Dolphins season.

This young offensive line wasn’t supposed to regress. They were expected to take a significant leap forward as many valuable resources were dumped into the very important unit.

The defense wasn’t supposed to be a liability, yet they’ve given up 35, 31 and 27 points in three consecutive games.

Our passing offense wasn’t supposed to be so uninspiring, especially when you consider the additions to the wide receiver group in Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle.

There weren’t supposed to be nagging whispers about sending three first round picks, plus multiple second and third round picks for another team’s quarterback, yet with Tua Tagovailoa on injured reserve, the never-ending Deshaun Watson rumors persist.

I hate this team. You probably do too. No, I don’t hate the Miami Dolphins in general. I don’t hate the aqua dolphin wearing a white helmet with an orange “M” on the side. We’ll always love our Miami Dolphins as they’re part of our identities as fans of football. But THIS Miami Dolphins team sucks. And it hurts more because they weren’t supposed to suck.

I hate this particular Miami Dolphins team.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


Miami was the best dressed team in football on Sunday

Although the Miami Dolphins were thoroughly outplayed by a winless Indianapolis Colts team in Miami on Sunday, they were the far better looking team in regards to the threads that they took the field wearing. In fact, they were the best dressed team in all of professional football when they strapped on their throwback logo helmets, while going with the white-on-white jersey and pants combo.

There wasn’t much to cheer for on Sunday for us Dolphins’ fans, however those jerseys and those helmets are so beautiful. Add in the diamond endzone pattern and you had moments where you remembered what a good Dolphins football team looked like.

And then they began playing the actual game...


The Miami Dolphins defense isn’t living up to the high expectations they set last season

The Indianapolis Colts were without two very key offensive linemen in Sunday’s contest. They were also missing their top wide-receiver, TY Hilton. Their quarterback, Carson Wentz, came to the stadium in full-on Little Giants bubble wrap and thick cushioned padding as each of his ankles were being held together with popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue. Yet, they burned the Miami Dolphins defense to the tune of 228 yards passing and two touchdowns (115.1 passer rating), while gashing them on the ground with 139 yards rushing (4.2 yards per attempt) and an additional touchdown.

As mentioned earlier in this column, since their solid opening day outing, Miami’s defense has been torched for 35, 31 and 27 points in three consecutive games. They’ve managed to keep their takeaway streak going, but it hasn’t mattered much, as we’re all well aware that Miami has gone 0-3 in those contests.

Brian Flores needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and get this ship righted... and quick, as the defending Super Bowl champs, led by the most successful quarterback in NFL history, are on tap next. Flores, a supposed defensive specialist, has the players to make a difference as evidenced by their stellar season-long performance last season, but, unfortunately, this season, it’s been a different story so far.


The offensive playcalling was once again stagnant until their backs were against the wall, which is even more maddening




Why must Miami wait until they are down by multiple scores before opening up the playcalling sheet and dialing up passing plays downfield? For the second week in a row, Miami called a boring, methodical offensive game until they were forced to actually throw the ball downfield late. What happened when they opened things up? They actually moved the ball well! You would hope that they had learned their lesson against the Raiders last week, but apparently that wasn’t enough. This week, there was no magical 4th quarter comeback leading to an “almost” victory.

No, this week, the defense couldn’t stop the Colts long enough for Miami to catch up.

The offense dug their graves and then had to lie in them.

Enough is enough. Next week against the Buccaneers – a game no one in their right minds will pick Miami to win – the Dolphins better come out firing early and often. It can’t get much worse and they might as well try to be somewhat exciting if they can. That’s a big “if.”


It hasn’t been fun to be a Dolphins fan this season, but most of us aren’t going anywhere. I call it Battered Fan Syndrome. The Dolphins hurt us time and time again, yet like the abused fans we are, we keep coming back, hoping they have changed and that things will be different this time. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Well, unfortunately it is. Thirteen more games to go.

How many alcoholic beverages did you consume to drown your sorrows after this disheartening loss? Did you have a sober relative read you this article while you sat in a soggy, drunken stupor? Will you ever learn, or like me, will you let this team hurt you again next week? Let me know on Twitter at @MBrave13 or in the comments below. Fins up!