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Wednesday Evening Question/Poll Of The Day

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s unusual, to say the least, to see our very own Miami Dolphins leading much of the NFL news in the middle of the season, especially in the middle of a season that has seen our team go one and six thus far. But then again I suspect that it’s not every day that a top quarterback is rumored to soon be traded from one team to another in the middle of a season, but this is no normal quarterback situation.

This quarterback is Deshawn Watson, one of the best and most dynamic players in the entire NFL and still by NFL QB standards very young (26). He’s exactly the kind of quarterback that you would usually give up the farm for only this one comes with some very serious questions.

Unfortunately, those questions are legal in nature and while Watson has not been charged with any crimes and everything up to this point has been a civil court matter it has also spurned an FBI investigation. To be fair, both sides claim that they called the FBI and got them involved but from my local information living here in Houston, neither side's attorney is known for being on the up and up so who really knows? Dirtbag attorneys? I know who would have known? In all fairness, I am friends with several attorneys, and most are out there every day trying to make this world a better world for the rest of us to live in but there are some that only chase the money.

Beyond that, once the civil matter is worked out, one way or another, the NFL league office, under their own discretion, has the right under the collective bargaining agreement to suspend Watson for any behavior that might make the NFL look bad. If Watson was smart he would have just settled up as fast as he could and made it all go away with non-discloser agreements. Not that doing so should make anyone look past what he did, only that from a business standpoint and for his future that would have been his smartest move and would have also kept the women from speaking to the NFL.

Now, at this point who knows what’s really going on but every single rumor seems to point to Watson being traded to Miami if the assurances that Miami seeks on Watson with both the legal matters and the possible league suspension implications are satisfied. Maybe Miami doesn’t even want Watson but if that is the case a lot of reporters are going to end up with egg on their faces and rarely do so many people report independently with separate stories that all point to the same thing and it not be true. Or maybe in the end he doesn’t get traded at all until after the season or perhaps another team swoops in and makes the trade, legal implications, and NFL league office implications be damned.

I am not going to take a moral or otherwise stance in this post on whether we should trade for Watson but if the price, as everyone claims, that the Houston Texans are demanding starts at three number ones plus other picks or players, any team that does not have some assurances that Watson can even play and takes that gamble might need to rethink how they do everything. The allure is obvious but the risk is one that you rarely see in a large trade like this.

So the question of the day is do you or do you not want the Dolphins to trade for Watson and if so why or why not? If your answer is yes does it come with your own set of answers that must first be answered before you would pull the trigger? I know that this is being talked about in other posts but I wanted to put up a poll as anyone that frequents this site knows you can get 1,000 votes on a post that only has say 100 comments. Which is okay by me. Even I lurked and read posts and comments for a while before I officially started commenting on some which is always sort of your official joining of our little community here. So please comment but also don’t forget to vote in our poll.


As a Miami Dolphins fan do you want the team to pull the trigger on a trade for Deshawn Watson before the trade deadline?

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  • 8%
    Yes, absolutely yes, you rarely get the chance to go out and grab a talent of his caliber from another team.
    (41 votes)
  • 11%
    Yes, but only if there is some real clearity to what will happen with both his legal issues and what the league office might or might not do to Watson.
    (57 votes)
  • 4%
    Yes, but only if he is somehow cleared of any wrongdoing as it applies to his current legal issues.
    (24 votes)
  • 41%
    No, he is not worth the price we would have to pay. This team has too many holes to be sending anyone three number ones and some other picks/top players.
    (201 votes)
  • 33%
    Hell no, hell to the no and also no!
    (164 votes)
487 votes total Vote Now