A question of morality

Denying that there is a question of morality regarding the acquisition of Watson is just a poor human show. As a person who tried to live at the highest moral standards ( "tried" is the key word here) is normal that getting a player that have surely done something stupid and maybe (just maybe but is a moral burden for us and for him) something evil gives me stomachaches. Yes now will arrive the "fake mean guy" who will say "i dont care, every player is bad, i just want to win"... But for the 90% of who the acquisition of a player that have to face 20+ civil lawsuits from women IS troublesome.

Even more if we consider that getting him will sacrifice a guy that can have many issues but surely not on a moral standpoint. Tua is very probably a good boy, Watson we dont know.

However ..

There are the professional and moral evaluations on that matter.If Miami front office thinks that Watson is an huge upgrade (and i think that he is) then you cant rely on moral decisions because things change. And the person who you trusted can betray you , can do errors, can make you lose. And the person you discarded can turn around his life and go to the HOF.

As a person who lived with cats and dogs all life what Vick did was almost the worst for me. For me he should have never played again. But also i know the value of redemption and second chances. He seems to have changed and when that happen is something great for everyone. But many other people dont change.

The choice here have to be only regarding business, not because morality does not matter but because take a life (maybe more than one ... ) to evaluate a person. So you sit with Watson and you try to understand who really he is. And then you pull the trigger if A) you understand why he did that B) if he understood that was a terrible moral mistake C) the term of the agreement with the Texans are acceptable.

Again our inept front office have to face a terrible decision ...

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