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Dolphins reveal throwbacks for Week 4 matchup vs Colts

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

All weekend long, the Miami Dolphins (and their fans) are honoring the greatest head coach of all time, Don Shula. Shula’s memorial will take place today at 4:30 PM EST this afternoon and is open to the public. (For tickets to Shula’s memorial, click HERE)

However, his memory and the festivities will continue well into tomorrow’s matchup vs. Indy (and beyond)—because, as we learned a short time ago, the Dolphins will be wearing their white-on-white throwbacks tomorrow vs. the Colts—another one of Shula’s former teams.

That’s right, folks!!!!

With the banged-up Indianapolis Colts coming to town, Brian Flores and his team travel back in time. To a time when smashmouth football and winning meaningful games were a staple of Miami Dolphins football. To a time where the Dolphins logo didn’t look like a direct knockoff of the SeaWorld logo.

Yes, it really is throwback szn.

Did you miss this week’s episode of Phinsider Radio: The Jake and Josh Show!?!?

For those of you that listened to the latest episode of Phinsider Radio, you may have seen this coming. We speculated on our most recent episode that the Dolphins could breakout the throwback jerseys, and that’s precisely what they’re doing. White on White. #LetTheColtsCookInTheSun

Tomorrow’s game was already going to (kind of) be a must-win game for the Dolphins. After all, losing to a Colts team decimated by injury with your back against the wall is not ideal for any team.

But now, with Don Shula looking down and Miami wearing their white throwbacks—with the iconic 347 patch—there isn’t anything stopping this team other than themselves.

This weekend’s matchup is Miami’s get-right game.

This is the Dolphins bat game.

This is their chance to go out and turn it all around.

It’s now time for the Dolphins to handle business, the same way they did time and time again when the great Don Shula was calling the shots. #BeatTheColts

What are you most looking forward to in tomorrow’s matchup between the Dolphins and Colts? Are you stoked that the team is wearing their throwback jerseys? What was your favorite Don Shula memory? Let us know in the comments section below!