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Dolphins vs Buccaneers final score 2021 Week 5 with immediate reactions

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

First Half Reactions

The Dolphins rolled out a new offensive line rotation today. Liam Eichenberg at LT, Austin Jackson at LG, Greg Mancz at C, Robert Hunt at RG, and Jesse Davis at RT. Jaylen Waddle was the returner for the opening kickoff as Jakeem Grant is no longer with the team after being traded to the Bears this past week. On the second play of the drive, Jacoby Brissett went deep to Preston Williams who did some toe drag swag along the sideline for 21 yards. A few plays later, Brissett finds Williams for another big play as Williams catches the ball and gets plenty of YAC to setup the offense in the redzone. The Dolphins cannot get into the endzone though and have to settle for a Jason Sanders field goal. It was nice to see the offense finally be aggressive. Score: Dolphins 3 - Buccaneers 0.

Didn’t take long as Tom Brady gets the Buccaneers offense into the redzone thanks to a long catch from Mike Evans and a big run for Leonard Fournette. Brady eventually finds Giovanni Bernard over the middle and the running back gets into the endzone. Score Dolphins 3 - Buccaneers 7.

This appears to be the Myles Gaskin drive as Gaskin has been the focal point of the first three plays with two shorts passes and a run getting the team to midfield. Mack Hollins gets in on the action to get the team past midfield with his 10 yard catch. The Dolphins get blessed with a pass interference call as Brissett went deep to Waddle and sets them up at the 30 yard line. Brissett finds Gaskin on a wheel route for the touchdown! Score Dolphins 10 - Buccaneers 7.

Again, it doesn’t take this Buccaneers offense that long to get past midfield and this time it’s thanks to a screen pass to Chris Godwin for a big gain. A few plays later Brady finds Evans over the middle to set them up in the redzone and the first quarter comes to a close. The defense finally gets to Brady, thanks to Jerome Baker, and the Buccaneers have to settle for a field goal. Score Dolphins 10 - Buccaneers 10.

Brissett is now dealing with a hamstring injury and was carted to the locker room. But the QB came back out, so we’ll have to monitor this as the game progresses. The offense however goes 3 and out.

The Dolphins were on the cusp of forcing the Buccaneers on a 3 and out but Brady stands in the pocket and finds Brown on a short cross who ends up taking it 62 yards for a touchdown. Score Dolphins 10 - Buccaneers 17.

The Dolphins almost had another three and out, but Brissett finds Mike Gesicki for a 12 yard gain. Unfortunately, the offense cannot do anything after that and has to punt again.

The Buccaneers just make it look so easy as Brady methodically gets them down close to the redzone. Just when you think the Dolphins get a stop, Eric Rowe gets flagged for pass interference in the redzone. Xavien Howard is not having a great game, as Brown beats him for another touchdown. This defense is just not the same as last seasons. Score Dolphins 10 - Buccaneers 24.

First play after the kickoff, Brissett finds Jaylen Waddle for a gain of 21 as the receiver created plenty of YAC getting the unit near midfield. A couple plays later, Brissett finds Adam Shaheen who gets into field goal range for Sanders. One thing we have criticized Brissett about is he holds onto the ball too long. It finally bites him as he gets the ball knocked out of his hands for a fumble, recovered by the Buccaneers. UGH.

Brady finds Evans just short of midfield as Brady would love to get a couple more points before the half ends. Old man Brady scrambles for 10 yards to get the offense past midfield to setup a Ryan Succop for a 60 yard field goal, who did not make it.

Score Dolphins 10 - Buccaneers 24

Second Half Reactions

The Buccaneers will receive the ball first to begin the second half. Immediately, Fournette takes a handoff up the middle for 13 yards. Thankfully the defense held up and did not allow the offense to get past midfield, forcing a punt.

Jacoby is back out there with a bad hamstring, so this should go well. Myles Gaskin with a nice 13 yard carry, followed by a 7 yard reception to Williams who has to be attended to on the sidelines after the play. Gesicki gets in on the action as he catches it over the middle and gets the team past midfield and down to the 40. A couple plays later, Brissett just stands in the pocket, nearly sacked, but Waddle comes back to make the catch and keep the drive alive. Brissett makes magic happen again as he avoids a sack, tosses it to Gaskin who is just short of the first down marker. Brissett then heaves it to Williams in the endzone, who drops it, but there is defensive pass interference to set the offense up at the one yard line. Myles Gaskin with another TD reception after a great 87 yard drive by the Brissett led offense. Score Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 24.

Would love for the defense to get a stop or turnover, but the drive isn’t starting that well as the Bucs are already near midfield. Jaelen Phillips gets his first full sack (had a half a sack last week) as a professional NFL player, welcome to the league rookie! The sack was nice, but Brady gets the Bucs near the redzone a couple of plays later with the offense setting up shop at the 30. Fournette decides he just doesn’t want to go down and takes a short pass down to the 10. At the start of the fourth quarter, Fournette just bulldozes his way into the endzone. Score Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 31.

3 and out for the offense on the ensuing drive.

One play into the drive, starting at the 40, Ronald Jones takes a screen past midfield. Brady makes it look easy as Evans beats Byron Jones for a 34 yard touchdown. This game is over. Score Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 38.

Brissett gets picked off on the ensuing drive as Waddle cannot make the catch and it ends up in the hands of Jamel Dean.

Brady still slinging it as Evans catches it at the 5 and gets back into the endzone. What the heck happened to this defense? Score Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 45.

Dolphins cannot do anything on offense and Jesse Davis almost gets another quarterback killed as Brissett took a huge hit on a sack. Dolphins punting again.

Blaine Gabbert enters this game as Brady is done for the day after dismantling this Dolphins defense. It doesn’t matter who is in at quarterback, the Buccaneers are down into the redzone at the two minute warning. Thankfully they’ll just kneel the clock out.

Final score: Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 45