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I really don’t think Flores and the Dolphins will go after a high-priced wide receiver

It sucks that the Dolphins didn’t make the playoffs for a litany of reasons. One of those reasons, at least for me, is that we have to hear and read everyone in the solar system talk about their rad mock draft and theories about what the Miami Dolphins will do to bolster their roster for next year. It’s beyond awful seeing a fan of the team post their mock draft where they used some Madden magic and somehow got Devonta Smith, Penei Sewell, Andrew Luck, and the 85 Bears defense all within the first three rounds of the draft. It’s already old to me. Now that I got that out of the way, here’s one of the things I think the Dolphins will do to improve the team for next year.

I think it goes without saying, though that’s exactly what I'm doing, that the Dolphins are in the market for some pass-catchers. Currently, the Dolphins have Parker, Williams(when he’s not on the shelf), Bowden, Grant, Ford, Perry, and Hollins with Al Wilson and Al Hurns in the wings. I think it’s entirely possible that Ford, Grant, Wilson, and Hurns will be gone come next year. Malcolm Perry will be there, but I’d be surprised if he’s ever asked to do any heavy lifting. Same with Hollins. He’s a special teams ace that had to play real snaps at wide receiver, but it’s not something the Dolphins ever wanted to do.

That leaves DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, and Lynn Bowden Jr. That’s not the worst three guys to have, but obviously, you need more than that. Let’s see who projects to be available in the free agency, shall we:

There are some serious names on that list. Robinson, Godwin, and Golladay would be dudes that would make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. Their presence alone would open up Gesicki down the middle and even make dumping to the backs more accessible. Personally, I’d take Chris Godwin out of that bunch not because he and I are a couple of Nittany Lions but because I think he would be the guy Tua would be most comfortable getting the ball to.

But I really don’t think Stone Cold Brian Flores and company will bring in either of the top receivers that will be available on the market. My reason for this is because I just don’t think it’s Flores’ style. He’s a defensive guy, and I just think he values having more of the money spent on defensive guys than offensive skill’s guys. He saw his team win 10 games based on the defense. He saw his team have some really nice offensive games while having a subpar receiving core. I don’t think he thinks he can win many games with a subpar defensive unit. I could be way off on that, but he didn’t bring in any receivers this year besides low round rookies and running backs that were super cheap, leading me to believe that he thinks he can get by with cheap skill’s guys.

That being said, which guy or guys would be the best guys for the team based on these free agents? The three guys I like the most out of this group, wearing what I think is Brian Flores covered glasses are Marvin Jones, Curtis Samuel, and Breshad Perriman. I’m going to save who I want the most for a later blog, but all three guys have a few things in common. They’re don’t complain, demand anything, and they’re cheap. Perriman and Samuel may have more upside than Jones but with Jones, you’re getting a consistent pro. That matters to me.

If you partner any of the three guys I mentioned along with Parker, Williams, and Bowden accompanied by a DeVonta Smith or Ja’Marr Chase well then you have a receiving core that defenses need to prepare more than what they have had to.

I realize I could be way off on this and Flores might go out and sign every single free agent receiver making my claim of spending serious dough on high-priced receivers moot. But I doubt it.

By the Way- I never mentioned JuJu Smith-Schuster. He’s going to want a ton of money for slightly above average production. Not for me.

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