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Top 4 Candidates to be The Dolphins New Offensive Coordinator

For real this time Chan Gailey is no longer the offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins.

My reaction after hearing the news that Chan Gailey was resigning.

As you can see, I was classy about it and didn’t let anyone see the joy I felt when I heard the news. Always remember the importance of containing yourself.

Some might find this to be a bit surprising because Stone Cold Brian Flores said yesterday that all his assistants were going to be coming back. I’m really not. Gailey is 68 years old and with everything going with the pandemic and the fact that he’s 68 years old, him looking not to work anymore seems like a decent idea.

Nothing personal against 4 Chan. He did an admiral job. It’s not easy coming to a team for the first time, not being able to have a real training camp or a preseason, and having to build an offense catered to a rookie quarterback. It certainly appeared that he had a different mentality when calling plays depending on if it was Fitzpatrick or Tua. I understand why he thought that, but you’d think he would have figured out that it was going to leave after this year then you might as well empty the kitchen sink in Tua’s last few games. He didn’t and it’s one of the reasons why the Dolphins finished with the 22nd ranked offense. Have a nice life, Chan.

Now, the Dolphins are in search of a new offensive coordinator. If you think you’ve heard that before it’s because you have.

Personally, I’m not a big Dark Arts kind of guy unless we’re talking about Papa Shango, but the fact remains: being the Dolphins offensive coordinator is like being the drummer for Spinal Tap.

Still, though the position needs to be filled. But by who? Well, it has to be a person who can get the most out of the only guy on the team who has been guaranteed a starting spot next year, Tua Tagovailoa. I’m talking to you Xavien Howard, you’re spot isn’t written in stone.

This isn’t my “take”, and I’m sure you’ve probably have heard it on the worldwide leader or one of the shows, but the Dolphins should be looking to design an offense sort of in the same realm(maybe I am a Dark Arts guy) as Drew Brees. From the skills side of it, it’s a decent comparison. Short, good arm not out of this world, accurate, anticipates well, and throws on time. That’s Tua. Feel free to add or take away a skill, but those are his attributes. Deal with it.

The candidate’s list I have compiled is not in honor. I thought it be dumb to do a ranking because I really have no idea who is better than the other at coordinating. If you think you know that answer, I’m going to tell you you don’t. Also, I couldn’t think of a 5th candidate to make this a classic Top 5 list and I didn’t want to think about the possibility of Doug Marrone in Miami. Here’s the list.

Eric Studesville

Besides having a name that it’s really cool to say, Eric Studesville has been since 2018. That means that he was able to survive the Adam Gase regime. If you think about it, surviving that is the equivalent to surviving Chernobyl just with more headaches, if you could believe it. Stud is the team’s running back’s coach. His biggest track to being the offensive coordinator is being Brian Flores’s guy who talks shop with. Here’s what Flores said about his guy,

“Yeah, Eric’s phenomenal,” Flores said. “I think he’s a phenomenal coach. He’s a phenomenal teacher, communicator. He’s someone I’ve leaned on in different situations over the last 18 months since I’ve been here. Obviously he was here before I was here and we kept him on the staff. Just as far as the lay of the land here in Miami, he’s been someone that I’ve been able to lean on. I think he’s a great coach. I think he’s got a coordinator and head-coaching future. I think the players gravitate to him. They listen. He’s a very, very good coach.”

Still though, I’d be surprised if Flores promotes his main guy. I think he’s good where he’s at. I’m sure the Stud would say otherwise, but he’s biased towards himself I imagine.

George Godsey

Another coach on the staff that has a really cool part of his name. First Stud and now God. Goes without saying but we all know that the almighty is eye candy so you could say that Studesville and Godsey are the same person. Godsey is the tight ends coach for the Dolphins but more importantly, he was Chan Gailey’s liaison to the surface while Chan sat perched up in the rafters like Sting. What Godsey has going for him is when quarterback’s coach, Randy Brown, not a very exciting name, was out for a few weeks due to Covid, Godsey was the one that became Tua’s, right-hand man. Godsey did such a nice job that even when Brown came back, Godsey was still in Tua’s ear on the sideline. Something to think about.

Anthony Lynn

Lynn is a guy that I don’t believe has any ties to Brian Flores. At least I couldn’t find any. He just got canned as being the Charger's head coach after going 7-9. He probably would still be the head coach there if knew how to manage a game when it mattered. That’s not his strong suit. Offense is his strong suit. It should be. He’s a former NFL running back. Two years ago, Lynn went 12-4 with the Chargers and won a playoff game. His team was decent but was never a real threat to do anything. That being said his offense was ranked 7th best that year. The smartest thing Lynn did this year was stabbing Tyrod Taylor in the lung thus thrusting Justin Herbert into the lineup. I know we don’t like to say the J-word around these parts, but he played fantastically. Part of that was the tutelage of Anthony Lynn.

Bill O’Brien

I mean, how full-circle would it be if O'Brien ended up in Miami? After being responsible for the Dolphins to have all of the Texans picks in this year’s draft thus relegating Houston to Chernobyl(that’s two Chernobyl references if you’re keeping score at home) to end up going to the team he traded all those picks too. It’s a double cross we haven’t seen since Mike Tyson knocked out Shawn Michaels.

Let me just say, that I wouldn’t want to see Bill O’Brien have anything to do with picking players, signing free agents, ordering take-out. Nothing like that. I do like him as an offensive coach. I remember what he did at PSU years ago and it was nothing short of miraculous what he did given his circumstance. My only issue with him has would players turn against him, instantly, if he did something he didn’t like. It’s possible that could happen due to his perception of not being a player’s coach. You’d like to think that whoever Flores brings in would have the attention of his players or else get Stone Cold Stunned out of existence.

You also can’t dismiss Brian Flores familiarity with working with O’Brien. These guys worked together in New England once upon a time.

Ultimately, there's only one thing I know for sure. No matter what if anyone on this list ends up being the new Miami Dolphin’s coordinator, there’s a 75% chance of them being bald.

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