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The Dolphins get Their Doors Blown Off and have to Rely on the Mighty Jaguars

Well, that sucked as much as anything could suck. We all convinced are ourselves to some degree that the Dolphins could actually beat the Bills in Buffalo. The Bills were looking to sit guys, at some point, Miami needed the game more because with a win the Dolphins would get into the playoffs, and that the Dolphins were a better team than they were when they played the Bills and only lost by three points back in September.

But the Dolphins went out and played like the Dolphins team that we’ve all grown up with: a team that can’t hang with the good team when things were important. They lost 56-26 in a game that they needed to make the playoffs.

Their defense, the one that was supposed to be motivated played like the fake defense that they’ve been. One where they prey upon the weak and get torn apart by the good quarterbacks. That’s what happened here regardless of the stats that they’ve put up. That might sting a bit but you know they can’t hang with the big boys of the league. Not yet anyway.

Our quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa went 35-58 with one TD and three INTs. Many of you, including me, are going to say that the receivers that Tua was working with subpar and that they dropped somewhere around a billion passes today. You’ll also say that Chan Gailey ran a scheme that was never going to work with this quarterback and this supporting cast. I mean, why in the world would you run all your pass plays in the first half out of play-action? Why would you do that? Are you trying to have the smallest windows possible for your quarterback to fit the ball in to? I just didn’t get it. The whole world has been saying for weeks that you need to let Tua rip it and based on this game plan you think that Tua isn’t capable of doing that or the receivers you had aren’t capable of it because why would you let everyone be right when they say that Tua never throws the ball more than eight yards?

Based on the game, the Dolphins have every option open to them come draft time? If you think the Dolphins won’t discuss a different quarterback instead of Tua, you’ve never watched Brian Flores in action. He couldn’t care less what you think, or what the playbook is on how to address any situation. He does what he wants and only cares about getting more wins. If he thinks Tua isn’t a part of that, then he’ll be like yesterday’s news. Doesn’t matter who your dad is or what he does with any belt.

I love where this team is going. Stone Cold Brian Flores is legit. He’ll get everything where they need to be in due time. But right now, this team is a fugazi team that can’t get it done against the real teams. That matters.

We’re all Jacksonville Jaguars fans now. If they win, we’re into the playoffs. I hope they win but make no mistake if they do, Tua can’t be the starter if you care about winning playoff games.

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