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Brian Flores ‘still going through the process’ of finding next offensive coordinator

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

There’s not a whole lot we know about who the Miami Dolphin's next offensive coordinator will be.

Some speculate it might be an in-house promotion for TEs coach George Godsey or RBs coach Eric Studesville, while others hope for a young, up-and-comer like Ken Dorsey or Mike Kafka.

No one really knows.

And that might include Dolphins’ head coach Brian Flores—who, when asked about the offensive coordinator position earlier today—said ‘he’s still going through the process’ of finding the team’s next offensive play-caller.

“We’re going through our process with the coordinator position. Look, we’ve got very capable guys in (Running Backs Coach) Eric (Studesville) and (Tight Ends Coach) George (Godsey) and a good young staff. Putting together a plan is really not much of an issue. Those guys are doing a good job and we’ll go through the process. But really the focus is on the players here at the Senior Bowl, the evaluations of the players here at the Senior Bowl, and hopefully we’ll get as much information to help us make good decisions come draft time.”

You can’t really fault Flores for doing his due diligence. After all, this is arguably the most important decision he’s faced as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Perhaps he’s using the Senior Bowl to see what Godsey and Studesville can do as play-callers. Or maybe, the Dolphins’ next offensive coordinator is preparing for the Super Bowl.

Who do you think will be the Miami Dolphins' next offensive coordinator?