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Texans may not be interested in Tua Tagovailoa if Deshaun Watson is traded

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much speculation swirling that the Miami Dolphins could jump into a potential trade sweepstakes should the Houston Texans decide they have to move on from starting quarterback Deshaun Watson. The two sides have plenty of time to try to smooth their relationship, but reports seem to indicate Watson is not pleased with the leadership of the franchise and is ready to move to a new club. Those same reports indicate the Dolphins are a team for which he would waive his no-trade clause.

The idea of Miami landing a top-tier quarterback in his prime has the rumor mill running at full speed. The basic idea is that Miami would send second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and several draft picks, potentially including the third- and 18th-overall picks in this year’s NFL Draft, and maybe another player, to Houston for Watson. There seems to be a problem with that conjecture, however, as a report now seems to indicate the Texans would not be interested in Tagovailoa.

The Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson wrote about the Watson trade market this morning, including a look at some of the teams who could look to land the 2017 12th-overall draft choice. A three-time Pro Bowl selection and the 2020 passing yardage leader, Watson leaving Houston would immediately create a huge hole that would need to be filled. Wilson does not think the Texans would see Tagovailoa as the replacement who could fill the hole.

Miami has a quarterback with upside in Tua Tagovailoa, but that could be a deal-breaker for the Texans. Tagovailoa, a former Alabama standout who had his moments during his rookie season, isn’t regarded as a quarterback the Texans will view as an adequate replacement for Watson, according to multiple league sources.

The Texans are considered far more likely to draft a quarterback, someone like Ohio State’s Justin Fields or BYU’s Zach Wilson, to replace Watson than swap him out for Tagovailoa.

If the Texans are not looking to Tagovailoa to be a part of any trade with Miami, the draft choice price just skyrocketed for the Dolphins. The speculated figure seems to be at least three first-round picks need to be involved in the trade. If that stands, Miami could be looking at a scenario where they are giving up the third- and 18th-overall picks this year, then having to add in another first-round pick next year - finding themselves in essentially the same scenario Houston faces this year after trading last year’s and this year’s first-round picks to Miami for Laremy Tunsil.

Watson is going to be expensive if Houston decides they will move on from him. If they are not interested in Tagovailoa, it might just price Miami out of the market.