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Phinsider Question Of The Day 01/20/2021

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2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

So the last couple of night’s we have discussed the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation. It seems as if the team’s brain trust has decided on Tua Tagovailoa as the long-term answer at quarterback despite all of the other rumors that are swirling and the deep devide amoung the Dolphins fan base. So tonight we move onto the 2021 NFL Draft. As many of you now know the team holds the number 3 pick by way of trade with the Houston Texans and the 18th pick, their own in the first round. This gives Miami not only a nice bit of draft capital in the first round but also gives them some decisions to make. The first decision that the Dolphins brain trust must make is wheater to use the number three pick for themselves or to use it to trade down and continue to add to their coffer of picks for this season and potentially in the future.

As far as trading down we need to look at the teams that might wish to trade up. There are mutiple draft picks valuations that you can find on the internet but I chose to use Pro Football Focus or’s list of future draftees as far as their rankings. The top three players as you might expect are all quarterbacks. With quarterback being the most important position for any football team the Dolphins number three pick, meaning that someone could use it to draft one of the top three quarterbacks becomes all that much more valuable as with most years there are multiple teams looking for their next long term answer at quarterback.

The Jacksonville Jaguars with the first pick and the New York Jets with the second pick, assuming neither trades for Watson or another player will for sure take two of the three top quarterback off the board leaving Miami sitting there with the third pick and no need for the third quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons hold the fourth overall pick and are rumored to be looking for the successor to Matt Ryan. Atlanta would have no reason to trade up one pick with Miami knowing that Miami is not going to pick the third best quarterback in the draft except for the fact that they know someone might wish to leapfrog them and grab the player they want. Using the draft pick value chart, that some claim is outdated but that some NFL clubs still use as reference the differenct between the third and fourth pick is 400 points. This means if for example the Dolphins traded down just the on pick and then got the Falcons 2nd round pick valued at 550, the Phins would come out ahead and also have back to back picks in the second round.

The fifth pick belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals and while they might want to trade up for the offensive tackle Penei Sewell, a player that the Bengals are said to be all in on, they have zero need for a top quarterback after selecting Joe Burrow in last years draft. The Philadelphia Eagles follow the Benglas with the sixth pick. Word is that the Eagles are ready to move on from Carson Wentz, a quarterback that they selected number two overall five drafts ago and instead go with their second round pick from last seasons draft, Jalen Hurts. With a new head coach it’s impossible to know what the Eagles would want to do here so they are a possibility to trade up if the new staff is not happy with either of the two quarterbacks that they now have. The Detroit Lions are picking seventh and like some of the other teams may be looking for their next long term answer at quarterback to replace Matthew Stafford, their number one overall pick from 2008. This makes them another potential trade partner for the number three pick.

Following the Lions the various teams that hold the picks further down have varying issues with quarterback but besides the top three quarterback there is the offensive tackle from Oregon that I mentioned earlier, Penei Sewell. Sewell is only 19 and already considered a once in a decade kind of prospect at the position. This would make him inviting for the Dolphins to just stay put and take him but also would give a whole slew of teams in the NFL reason to consider jumpping up over the Bengals to grab him. Other intriguing picks for both the Dolphins and other teams around the NFL is the wideout from LSU Ja’Marr Chase, the two star wideouts from Alabama Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle, and Micah Parsons, the linebacker from Penn State.

So tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is what would you like to see our Miami Dolphins do with their number three overall pick? Should we trade down and maximize our draft capital for not only this season but also possibly for future years or should we take one of the top players on the board to fill a glaring need?

Give us your thoughts below and what you would do with the number three pick if you were the general manager of the Miami Dolpins and tell us why-

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