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Have the Dolphins announced who their Quarterback is by having “Ohana” in their Twitter Bio? Let’s Investigate

Oh, those tricky Miami Dolphins. They couldn’t go a day without being knee-deep in the rumor mill. Most of the time it isn’t the actual franchise that’s causing a ruckus on the worldwide web. It’s usually one of their own players, a certain player on another team who plays for a state that’s famous for having enormous steaks and rock stars micturating on their historical sites, and all the talking heads pontificating about what the Miami Dolphins are going to do at quarterback next year.

I know I know, Flores and Grier on multiple occasions at this point have come out and have said that Tua Tagovailoa is their starting quarterback next year. Still, for whatever reason, many still find it entertaining to entertain the idea that Deshaun Watson will force his way to South Beach. Perhaps, ratings are down or something. Hard to imagine with wall-to-wall debate shows.

Can’t deny the fact the Dolphins may have cemented who will be their starting signal-caller next year. This was from earlier today.

There it is smack-dab right on the official Miami Dolphin’s Twitter page. Ohana and that’s it. Nothing about that they’re a professional football team most of the time, or that they’re the only undefeated team in NFL history, 17-0 in case you were wondering or never heard about it. Just one word that says Ohana.

But what does Ohana mean? After doing the extensive 12 seconds of research to figure out what Ohana can possibly mean, I found it’s elusive meaning.

Ohana is the Hawaiian term for “family.” I repeat. Ohana is the HAWAIIAN term for “family.”

Don’t you get it? Put the pieces together. The Miami Dolphins, I assume willingly, have one word in their Twitter bio and that word is the Hawaiian word for family. The Miami Dolphins currently have a quarterback on their roster that is from Hawaii.

Unless Timmy Chang is somewhere hidden on the Dolphin’s roster(maybe he’s the emergency Covid QB), or they’re bringing in Marcus Maroita for a workout then I am going to make the giant leap of faith and say that this is referring to Tua Tagovailoa.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I don’t know Sern, should we really look to deep into what’s written on Twitter as messages of what the future holds?” I can tell you that Nostradamus would have been all over Twitter spreading his cryptic messages of the times the world was going to end if had the opportunity. Also, let’s not forget that the reason all of the buzz around Watson wanting out of Houston began with a puzzling Twitter message. Then a few days ago, Watson tweeted this.

You could make the argument that Watson is simply talking about how he increased the power of his microwave, or you can say that Watson is talking about his frustration/anger level that he has with the Houston Texans organization.

I suppose that doesn’t really anymore because the Dolphins have cleverly shown their hand on who will be their starting quarterback next year. Yep, glad to know this is all behind us and that it doesn’t really have to be discussed again. Enjoy your evening knowing you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

By the Way- I hope this makes its way to the desk of Mike Greenberg and everyone else on ESPN. They learn a thing or two on how to deliver a dynamite tease.

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