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Lousaka Polite, That Guy Rocked

I know that we’re still all upset about how the Dolphins finished the season, and how there’s still a bit of weirdness out there concerning who’s going to be the quarterback next year. You’re going to site that Stone Cold Brian Flores reaffirmed that Tua was the starter in that article written by Cameron Wolfe. But, Flores has shown that he does what he wants when he wants all in the name of winning. So, until I see that Deshaun Watson has made nice with Houston, which he’s at a 10 tonight in case you were wondering, I think anything can happen regarding the Dolphin’s quarterback position.

Then you have all the uncertainty about who’s going to be the Dolphins offensive coordinator along with everyone and their mother from past lives giving their mock drafts. All of that is a lot for Miami Dolphin’s fans to be dealing with.

Taking that into account, I figured I would delve into my mind and reminisce about a past Miami Dolphin who brought me and others joy. Of course, a man blogging on his couch feels more like a man if he can have a bottle of suds and that bottle of suds is the recently released Troegs Nugget Nectar. Get your hands on it if you can.

Lousaska Polite, that’s the guy I started thinking about. This guy was the ultimate classic full back. He wasn’t a hybrid full pack where he caught passes like a Tony Richardson. He was a north and south full-back. In fact, he was so north and south that you can say he was an Equator type full-back. He did everything straight on and aimed for the middle of every player/target that he was designed to obliterate. And he did just that.

He pretty much body bagged the entire Carolina Panther’s team on this night.

Lousaka landed in Miami in October of 2008 and it was then that he started showing how big he could be on short-yardage(beat writers would kill for a line like that) plays. Here are his stats in Wikipedia form.

If my common core math is correct, and I think it is because it took me 35 minutes to solve it, Lousaka went 41/43 on 3rd/4th and shorts. I don’t like to throw out the weapon word that everyone uses to describe good offensive players, but Lousaka was a howitzer that hit its mark nearly every time.

This was during a time where the full-back was just about dying off. Nowadays, full-backs are smaller tight ends who are asked to do more pass-catching than having meetings in the hole. Kyle Juzcyk wasn’t a thing and having pads bigger than your body was a prerequisite. A glory day it was.

Lousaka Polite, for the Dolphins, was as consistent as the Sun rising and it was awesome to see because you knew when it was 3rd/4th and short and he was in the game that he was getting the ball. The defense knew it as well but it didn’t matter.

Lousaka Polite, like John Wick, was a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Something very few of us know anything about. When there were three feet in front of him that needed to be gained, Lousaka made it his life’s work to take those three feet.

I doubt, very much, that the Dolphins or any team for the matter will have a battering ram of a full-back on their squad like a Lousaka Polite for some time. The Dolphins waived Chandler Cox a guy Flores drafted. The current NFL game is a game that doesn’t respect the full-back or appreciate lead blockers like it once did. I actually feel that the pendulum could swing one day back to larger players as compared to the smaller, faster players that defenses employ now. You might see a reality where teams understand that having a bruising full-back is smart to run inside against smaller defenders, but that would mean less importance on quarterbacks. That’s something that I don’t see happening any time soon.

Regardless of what happens in the future, all 6’0 245 LBs of Lousaka Polite was all anybody needed at one time, and what a glorious time it was.

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