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Two Items Really Stuck Out in the Dolphin’s Depth Chart

We can almost taste the football that’s right around the corner. At last, after everything we as a society have been going through and continue to deal with, there actually will be professional football happening in two days. Then in five days, are beloved and potentially stealthy Miami Dolphins take the field. Rejoicing we certainly are.

Last night, the Dolphins revealed their depth chart heading into week one. There wasn’t really any major surprises. There were, to me anyways, a few moves that I said “look at that, that’s interesting.” A real mild reaction to these moves.

Solomon Kindley

Easily the most eye opening move on the depth chart is 4th round rookie Solomon Kindley earning the starting nod at right guard. You would have thought, if there was a rookie that was going to be starting at right guard, that it would have been 2nd rounder Robert Hunt. But, if you’ve been following the Dolphin’s various beat writers, you would have been informed that Kindley was looking terrific in camp. Not that Hunt didn’t do a good job as well who still has a lot of upside, but the coaching staff, obviously, feel that Kindley has done that much better. That’s nice to see. It’s not like that I needed more proof that this regime doesn’t care who you are or where you were drafted. But, it’s still refreshing to see them give everyone a fair shake.

Kindley, on the line along with left tackle Austin Jackson, means that the Dolphins will be sporting an offensive line with two rookies. Naturally, I’m nervous about the idea of Fitzpatrick and especially eventually, Tua, working behind a few guys who’ve never done this at the pro level. But, like I’ve said, I trust this staff. These guys are eventually going to have to play along side each other. Might as well be game one.

Mike Gesicki is Behind Durham Smythe

Seeing Gesicki listed behind Smythe gave me and probably everyone else who saw it a brief moment of this

But then I realized that you can’t be worried about that; life goes on, man. I’m not worried about this because all this means is that Smythe, who is the better blocker between the two, will be lined up next to Austin Jackson. Does this mean that the Dolphins are going to be tipping their hand that they’re running the ball when Smythe is in? I don’t think so. I don’t think Chan Gailey is going to be that simple. With Hurns and Wilson not playing this year, you can expect to see Gesicki lined up in the slot along with, obviously, lining up on the line in a traditional tight end spot. It’s possible that Gesicki and Smythe will be on the field at the same time. Perhaps, the Dolphins will come out with more two TE sets. Who knows. What I do know is that Mike Gesicki isn’t the #2 TE on this team. I know it, and you should too.

Happy start to your work week and remember, football is happening. Let that guide you through this short work week.