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Honestly, I’m Not that Upset that Miami Wasted a 2nd Rounder on Josh Rosen


As I sit here watching the very compelling drag racing event that’s still on Fox until the Tua documentary, which @Houtz already got an advanced copy of (must be nice) and reviewed, the thought of the whole Josh Rosen experience ran through my head. And I must say, even though it will go down as one of the worst and most classic Dolphin’s trades that the Dolphins have made, I’m not that broken up about it.

Josh Rosen was cut on Thursday in a move that many thought was surprising and has since signed with the Buccaneers practice squad. I figured Rosen would have made the team and been their 3rd string and possible quarterback they’d put in if Fitzpatrick, unexpectedly, went down and they didn’t want to simply throw Tua in there. Obviously, the Dolphins are completely satisfied how Tua has performed in camp and fully trust his surgically repaired hip. It’s basically a if they’re cool with it, I’m cool with it type situation.

Losing a 2nd round pick is never a great thing. That’s not breaking news but even though the Dolphins forked over a high pick, I’m not that frustrated. The reasons are that the Dolphins has tons of picks last year. They earned the right to be a bit loose with their picks. Also, the Dolphins are being run by a room full of adults now. In past regimes, you couldn’t say everyone in the room were smart enough to be where they were. But since Flores got their, there’s been a well thought out Hannibal Smith like plan put in motion that I can actually see an Endgame that makes sense. So, when this regime has a ton of picks and they think giving a 2nd rounder for a guy who was the 10th overall pick the year before that possibly could be your quarterback of the future, I say go right ahead.

When the trade happened last year, I had no problem with it. I thought, like many did, that Rosen was alrightish with Arizona and that all he needed was a real opportunity. He got a smaller opportunity when put up against typical opportunities and it just didn’t work out. A nothing ventured, nothing gained approach is the way I saw it when the season ended.

Naturally, you can say based on how everything worked with Rosen, clearly, not being the guy, that the 2nd and 5th rounder they gave for him could have been used for something better. Well, for all you Captain Hindsights out there I say well, no duh. I’m sure some of the people that bought underground bunkers due to fearing Y2K would like to return subterranean fortresses. But, that’s not how the world works. It was a calculated risk that Grier and the gang put into trading for Rosen. It’s not like they put all their eggs in the Josh Rosen basket. They knew if it didn’t work out that they had a few fail safes. Tua was always the fail safe and they executed the plan of acquiring him to perfection even if if a bit of luck was needed.

That’s not to say that I want the Dolphin’s brass to throw around draft picks like they’re development deals with Netflix. But, when they have a treasure-trove of draft capital, I don’t mind them taking a flyer on a guy.

I wish nothing but the best for Josh Rosen. I actually thought he threw threw the ball very well and was let down by his receivers more than most would care to talk about. Ultimately I’m afraid, he seems like a guy that doesn’t read defenses fast enough and unfortunately for Josh, that and accuracy is what quarterbacking is all about. Maybe he develops his processing speed a bit while watching the master, Tom Brady, do it in practice. Who knows? He probably just ends up being a backup for years with giving a few moments filling in for various quarterbacks as time goes on. I base this on how things usually go.

The Dolphins have to eat the rest of Rosen’s $3.8M left on his contract. Not an ideal thing to do for a guy who had only three starts. But, like I’ve said throughout this blog, Miami had room for swings an misses. I know I’m asking for a lot here but try and not get to hung up on the Josh Rosen era. Instead, love that your team finally has a vision that looks to be on track. Do what you can to not chalk this up to a “typical Dolphins” move. The Dolphins are trending upwards even thought they lost a single 2nd round and 5th rounder. Have yourself a terrific Labor Day.