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Sunday’s Game Against Seattle is Sort of a Defining Game for the Dolphins

Feels like we’re dealing with a bye week right now. The Dolphins played five days ago, but it feels like 50. There hasn’t been too much news since their 31-13 victory over the NFL Network’s favorite team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Well, it’s Wednesday, and the Dolphins take the field in five days against an opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, in what I feel is a significant game for this franchise. I understand that it’s only week four, which means that football is 25% over, which is a disgusting thought, so don’t think about it, but a win against the mighty Seahawks would mean so much this franchise. Not only would it be a statement win for the Brian Flores regime, improve their record, thus improving odds to make the playoffs, but it would give legitimacy to this outfit. Beating the Seahawks will give this team a bit of swagger they haven’t had in years.

The Dolphins could lose this game, and no one will care. Nobody will say, “I can’t believe they lost.” All the talking heads will say is that Seattle took care of business against an inferior opponent. But, if the Dolphins win, you’ll have the masses saying that the Dolphins are figuring some things out and beat the most scorching player in the league, Russ Wilson. I know many of you care what ESPN and all the other gas bag analysts have to say and hate how they never talk well of Miami. Well, if Miami wins, they’ll give credit to this team for actually doing something of note.

The Dolphins have beaten good, playoff-bound teams before. They beat the Patriots at the end of last year and also beat the Eagles. But those games were inconsequential for the Dolphins. There were no real stakes for Miami. Right now, the Dolphins are 1-2 in a league that added a 7th playoff seed. So yeah, the Dolphins are playing for something.

This team has the opportunity to be more than the sexy/trendy team heading into next year. They can beat the Seahawks, which will be nowhere near close to easy, with games still left against the Broncos, Bengals, Raiders, Chargers, and two versus the Jets. Win a few other games versus some other better teams like the 49ers, which are injury ridden, and the Rams or Cardinals, and you have a team that’s not just trendy but dangerous in a playoff format.

But I think it has to start on Sunday. Is it possible to lose and then go on a tear? Sure it is. But the confidence that would be gained by beating one of the top three teams in the league can’t be replaced by beating the 49ers the following week. Sunday is the chance the Dolphins should be craving to show everyone that they know what they’re doing and that some of their decisions with the roster are panning out. Just don’t get blown out in the 1st quarter, and you’ll be there in the end. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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