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202 NFL Week 3 picks from The Phinsider contributors

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Phinsider contributors are back with our Week 3 straight-up picks for each game on this weekend’s schedule. Of course, this weekend’s slate is a little more relaxing for Miami Dolphins fans, as our team beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night, allowing all of us to just sit back and watch football without the stress of each and every play.

As we do each week, a group of contributors from The Phinsider pick the winners for each game. With some help from our friends over at, you can check out our Week 3 picks below - as well as some over/under and spread picks if you want to check out those tabs too.

Last week, James McKinney went 13-2 (87 percent) on his picks, followed by CT Smith, who was 13-3 (81 percent). Justin Hier was right behind them, going 12-4 (75 percent) on the week, followed closely by Josh Houtz and Kathleen Noa, both of whom were 11-4 (73 percent). As usualy, I was bringing up the rear despite having a winning record, coming in last with a 10-6 (63 percent) record for Week 2.

For the season, our overall standings are:

James McKinney 23-8 (74%)
Kathleen Noa 20-10 (67%)
CT Smith / Justin Hier 20-12 (63%)
Josh Houtz 18-12 (60%)
Kevin Nogle 19-13 (59%)

Here are our picks for this week. As our contributors upload their picks to TallySIght, the table below will be updated.