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Phinsider Question Of The Day 09/23/2020

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

When your Miami Dolphins take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this upcoming Thursday evening, it will not only mark the Phins’ only primetime game this season but it will remind us of the stupidity of the NFL. By stupidity of the NFL (I know there are far too many to list) I am speaking of the entire concept of Thursday night games as they are currently scheduled. Why? Why did this happen? Why is the NFL so damn greedy that they have to make players in one of the most physically demanding games play with only three days between games?

Most of us would feel like we had to lay on our sofa for the next month if we endured what some of these players go through in just one game. If Thursday night games only happened after a team had a bye week then I would be fine with them. I think adding an additional bye week is a good idea anyway as it gives players with nagging injuries that they are playing through a period of time where they can actually rest the injury and hopefully recover more quickly. Also by having two you can space them out so that for some teams they don’t get a bye week early in the season when fewer players are hurt or dealing with nagging injuries.

This would also give the NFL the 18th week that the owners so desperately want in order to milk a bit more money out of the networks. This is a way to do so without hurting the players by forcing them to actually play in more games. Does the NFL care about player’s safety and well being or not? We all know the real answer but this would go towards making the league look better in the eyes of the players and the fans who are more than just a bit skeptical of anything the league presents as being done for “the players”.

So my Phinsider Question Of The Day is do you think the fans can do anything to get rid of the Thursday night games or at least get the league to change how they are scheduled (see above)? Let me explain, as I can already hear the grumbling about my blatant stupidity in suggesting that the fans have any power what so ever. Now I know this is a long shot as we can not seem to get everyone on board for a single idea among just one fan base let alone an entire country of fans. But, if we could somehow get a grassroots effort going where fans of the teams that were not being shown that Thursday night were to boycott these games, thus making the rating plummet to a point that no network is going to spend any real money to acquire the rights of the game then it’s possible that the fans could make the NFL abandon the Thursday night games (or change how they are scheduled) when the players and coaches have been unable to do so via complaining or through the collective bargaining agreement’s (they all hate them too).

I know that the NFL does, for whatever reason, only show some of the Thursday night games on their own network but they care about ratings as much as any other network because this, as with everything else converts to how much revenue they make off of advertisers but the truth is that they would like to sell every game to someone else if possible in an effort to make the most money possible. It seems very pie in the sky but it would not be the first time that fans got the leagues attention enough to make them change something (although it’s normally via public outcry over a single incident) and this is one of those somethings that needs to be changed.

Give me your thoughts below-

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