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Madden 21: Dolphins Week 2 simulation vs Buffalo bills

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Later today, the Miami Dolphins will kickoff their 2020 home opener against one of their most hated division rivals, the Buffalo Bills.

But we don’t have to wait until later today.

Why? Because we have video games.

And although Madden 21 isn’t the most fantastic football game ever made, it is significantly better than some of the reviews you’ll see around the internet.

So, with the game just a few hours away, I decided to turn on my PS4, boot up Madden 21 and let the Madden Gods predict the outcome of today’s game.

This game was a lot better than you would’ve expected if you were watching along on Twitter. The Bills started out hot and took an early lead. While the Dolphins offense looked anemic and the defense continued to struggle vs the run.

But the second half was much different as Miami strung together a few good plays, and cut the lead to within 5 with :40 to go. Could Jason Sanders land the onside kick and give Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins a chance? Or would this be yet another heartbreak?