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Good News Sports’ Fans: Tony Romo and Jim Nantz are Calling the Dolphins vs. Patriots Week 1 Game

Not that I can’t wait enough to see the Dolphins kickoff the 2020 season on the road against the Patriots. But, we get to listen to the soothing voice of Jim Nantz and the laser-precise pre-snap calls of Tony Romo.

This is a major victory for everyone watching this game. It means, we’ll actually have guys calling the games that know the names of the players and who are actually engaged in watching the game. I figured we were going to get stuck with Rich Gannon, which if you were unsure, is just infuriating. Fortunately, we won’t have to ever hear the mostly incoherent babbling of Dan Fouts because he’s no longer calling games for CBS.

Instead, for week 1 anyways, we get the #1 announce team in the business, I think we’ll get a Nostradamus like approach from Romo where he’ll be calling out plays drives before they happen. Romo will deliver breakdowns of the action in terms that the common man can handle, and Nantz will be the steady force that keeps the train on the tracks.

I can’t wait to here Romo talk about how much the Dolphins improved and that nobody should be surprised to see them compete for the division. I’m also looking forward to hearing his thoughts about Tua. Guaranteed Romo says that Tua will be a top quarterback sooner than later.