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No, the Dolphins should not trade for Alvin Kamara

You can definitely feel that football is right around the corner. The air, in the greater NEPA region of the Keystone state is a little more crisper. The majority of fantasy drafts happened this past weekend (at least mine did), and transactions that didn’t even happen yet are the talk of the sport.

Naturally, this was followed up by Ian Rapoport explaining that Alvin Kamara knows absolutely nothing about any trade talk and that things have never been better between him and the Saints.

I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle or that both accounts are true. Kamara may want to stay with the Saints and get an extension while New Orleans is looking to see if anyone would give up a high draft pick. Bill O’Brien exists, so it’s not a terrible strategy.

As long as the Dolphins don’t do anything irrational and trade for Alvin Kamara, I don’t really care what happens (it’s not like I drafted him in fantasy). Just like yesterday, when Leonard Fournette was released by another Florida football team, who is running back the Dolphins’ 2019 playbook, I wanted no part of it. The Phinsiders’ own Justin Hier elegantly explained why Fournette would not be what’s best for the Dolphins. The same mentality should apply for Kamara.

Sure, Alvin Kamara is a terrific running back. But, the Dolphins already brought in Jordan Howard and Matt Breida on very team friendly contracts. Kamara wouldn’t cost much this season, but he’s looking to get Christian McCaffrey money next year and that’s just something I don’t want to see the Dolphins paying. Not for a running back. Plus, unlike Fournette, you’d have to trade at least a 2nd-round pick to acquire Kamara. Sorry, but that juice is not worth the squeeze.

The right play is to go with Howard and Breida for the next few seasons, draft a back in the middle rounds of whatever draft you want, and put more resources into the offensive line. It’s better to have a real-deal offensive line and transform an average back into a very good back than have a subpar line with a very talented running back. Personally, I think that Howard has a chance to be close to the guy we remember in Chicago. Remember, Howard is only 25. I know it feels like he’s on the tail-end of the back-nine of his career, but that’s not the case. Breida will have moments where he’s the best-looking guy on the field and will catch some balls. You don’t need much more out of your backfield.