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No, the Dolphins Should Not Trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

Seems that just about two weeks ago I was writing about how the Dolphins shouldn’t trade for Alvin Kamara when he was having, alleged, issues with the Saints. The Dolphins running game put up only 87 yards. 18 of them were from current team rushing champion, Ryan Fitzpatrick. It wasn’t very good, but I still stand by not trading a 1st rounder for a running back.

However, it’s being discussed, in some circles, that the Dolphins should step up and trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

I understand that the Brett Favre of sport’s radio is the one that started this chatter yesterday, but I think it’s been out there for a bit that Beckham can be a candidate to being on the trading block if the season gets away from the Browns early. The Browns have implosion written all over them and Beckham hasn’t jived with Baker Mayfield at all no matter how many balls Baker forces to him.

The Dolphins, even before Sunday’s output from their receiver core, were a house of cards being held together with weak hamstrings. One of those hamstrings, DeVante Parker, not surprisingly gave way. An encouraging sign is that the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasely is reporting that Parker might have dodged a bullet;

Despite missing the second half of the season opener due to a pesky hamstring injury, star Dolphins receiver DeVante Parker avoided a major setback and has a real chance to play Sunday against the Bills, two team sources tell the Miami Herald.

Though Parker might have a “real” chance to play on Sunday, I’d put the odds around 35%. Just a gut feeling on this.

That being said, and even though he’s a very talented player, I don’t want the Browns dumping Beckahm(wink) on us. It would, probably, cost the Dolphins at least a second round pick and we all know that Beckham causes issues in the locker room when things aren’t going well. Seems like even when he’s quiet that there’s still a cloud that hangs around him and who’s he’s around. With the future of the franchise, Tua, waiting for his shot, we don’t need Beckham getting in his ear telling him anything.

I think receiver is going to be a position that the Dolphins explore, heavily, in the early rounds of the draft next year. With two 1st an 2nd round picks, one of those picks should be spent on a receiver to pair with Tua for the next 4-8 seasons. Get a receiver who can create separation and Tua will put it on him.

It might be a rough year for the Dolphin’s receivers, due to not having much depth. But, like I’ve always said; it’s the NFL and you don’t need great or even very good receivers to still produce. You can win a lot of games with scheme and competent quarterback play. The idea is that Tua will be able to being that and turn average guys into above average guys.

Go ahead and make all your Photoshop pictures of Beckham not sporting brown colors on his chest(not even being subtle anymore) and instead insert Dolphin’s teal/aqua. It won’t matter. The Dolphins wont be trading for Beckham.

By the Way- What I wouldn’t be 100% opposed to is the Dolphins exploring what it would take to get Allen Robinson. That be cool.

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