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NFL 2020 Week 1 Expert Picks: Straight-up winners from The Phinsider

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL season is officially underway, which means here on The Phinsider, our annual picks pool is also underway. Kathleen Noa crushed all of us - and all the experts working with our friends at TallySight - last year. Can she repeat this year?

Our straight-up winners picks will be posted here on the site every week, with CT Smith, James McKinney, Justin Hier, Josh Houtz, Kat, and me all participating this year. (Sidnote: If you click the tab on the chart, you can see some picks against the spread too.) Who will come out on top after the season? Will anyone be close to Kat? Will Kat go back in to the system to finish her picks? Will Houtz even bother to get his Week 1 picks in before the games start on Sunday? Will we all regret picking the Miami Dolphins this week? Can I at least get to 60% correct picks in our two years with TallySight?

Your answer to these questions and more coming throughout the year. You can check out our picks below, and feel free to post your picks in the comments. Can you beat us?