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Need a Tua jersey before Sunday? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Here’s a couple jerseys that will arrive just in time for the season opener.

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The Miami Dolphins get their 2020 season under way this weekend. We have finally made it all the way through the offseason, the weird training camp and non-preseason preseason, and into the regular season. Tonight officially begins the season with the annual Thursday Night Football kickoff game, but for all us as Dolphins fans, Sunday is the day.

Are you ready? Do you need to get that last minute jersey? We’ve got you covered. While the Dolphins will be starting Ryan Fitzpatrick this weekend, you and I both know, Fitzpatrick is not the future of the Dolphins. Below, you will find Tua Tagovailoa jerseys that will arrive by Sunday! Aqua, white, throwback - whatever you want, it can get to you.

Sounds like a perfect time to grab a jersey - and then you can be ready to watch the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, backing up their Week 17 win over the Patriots to end last season.