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Phinsider Question Of The Day 09/01/2020

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With training camp all but over and the coaches narrowing down who they will cut and who they will keep the long anticipated 2020 season will soon kick off. This season will of course not look like anything we have seen before with stadiums somewhere between totally empty to partially empty. I expect it to take a while to get used to for most of us. With the season all but upon us I go back to the recent post here on the Phinsider where one publication at least (I have seen it in two actually) have picked the Miami Dolphins as the most likely team to go from worst to first in their division. Miami has of course done this before, only to quickly exit the playoffs and to not return again for what seems like ages.

I do not think that any of us Miami Dolphins fans want to see things play out like that ever again. Build up our hopes only to stab us in the heart the following season. Most every football analyst has us ranked third which I think is low. I agree that on paper the Buffalo Bills clearly look to be the most solid team in the AFC East at this point but I am seriously not sure that the New England Patriots with their ton of losses and the other half of the team opting out being ranked second in front of the Dolphins. I think ranking the New York Jets dead last is more than fair, even if that is for eternity.

I honestly believe that they should be ranking the Dolphins second and not giving the hoodie so much credit based on past accomplishments. Even the greatest of dynasties has to fall or at least falter at some point. I also look at what Brian Flores was able to do with the rag tag roster that we had last season. Did anyone, the media, the fans, anyone, believe that the Dolphins were capable of pulling off five wins last season let alone rolling into New England when they had serious playoff implications on the line and pulling off the upset? If Flores could accomplish that with that roster what can he do with a roster that has to be better? So my Phinsider Question Of The Day is do you think the Dolphins have a realistic chance of taking the AFC East title in 2020, and if so or if not why?

Please give us your thoughts below-

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