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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 08/03/2020

Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns

Tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is actually inspired by a question/statement that was asked last evening by Steve, aka Coach k 13, aka Crocs Boy. The subject was about the opt out agreed upon by the NFL and the NFLPA for the 2020 season that has seen so many players actually taking the opt out. I wanted to know how these multiple opt outs and those yet to come might affect the power structure of the NFL if even only for one season.

One other aspect of that that I will throw in here because it occurred to me after the fact is will this possibly make some of the opt outs, who are veterans and starters lose their jobs and maybe even be cut next year if the team is forced to fill their spot with a younger or cheaper option and that player plays so well that, the NFL being the cut throat business that it is, costs that player their gig? Just another thought to chew on but I suspect it will happen to at least one or two players before this whole thing is done.

So back to Coach and his question. His question/statement was “Sometimes I wonder if they are better off just to cancel the season?”, to which Tona replied that it had not even started yet and Coach replied with “I understand that, it just seems like it’s going to be one thing after another for the season, and I hope I’m wrong!!”. Well I am sure that we all agree with his final sentiment and I might have just shrugged it off but I realize that he has a very legitimate point if you just look at what is happening with Major League Baseball. Another team sport where teams must travel from city to city. So many games have already been delayed that it seems hard to imagine that they are ever going to be able to ever make those up in a very truncated season of only 60 games while others have began to wonder if they may just wind up sending everyone home, just scrap the 2020 season and try again next April.

Now I personally pray that this situation that the country is fighting through does not affect the NFL any more than it already has. We have already missed all the off-season work and pre-season games and few teams will be hurt by this more than our very own Miami Dolphins with such a bumper crop of youth. But what if things do go off the rails a bit as in MLB? Would they cancel the season, the possibly start back up? Maybe wait until late into the year or early next year and just play a short exhibition type of season of say 6 to 8 games just to get the players some work in and possibly pull in some revenue for the league?

I know that none of us are Nostradamus but the question of the day is what do you see happening? Do you think this thing gets kicked off and we play a full uninterrupted season with no major issue short of the bevy of players that will not be playing? Do you think it gets canceled even before it starts or part way through the season? And if you do think that it winds up being canceled what options should the NFL consider for later, I.E. take some time off and restart the season? Just say the hell with it and we will be up and running again at full strength in 2021 or maybe throw out some sort of mini season late in the year or early next year?

Please give us your thoughts below-

As usual, with any of these posts that have to do with the current COVID situation, your political comments, opinions or otherwise do not belong here and violate site rules. This question is not political in nature and thus should not be treated as such. Bill thanks you from the bottom of his big heart!