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Phinsider Question Of The Day 08/25/2020

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Last night’s Phinsider Question Of The Day was about expansion of the NFL that they seem hell bent on despite myself and others clearly being opposed to. Especially any teams in Europe if only for the logistical issues that this would create. I do not even like the idea of them sending regular season games overseas as it is when you only have 8 home games a year as it is. Talk about sending a big screw you to die-hard season ticket holders.

Tonight’s question is about the NFL adding more teams but in a different way. The question is would you be in favor of the NFL creating an minor league, somewhat in the model of Major League Baseball but with far fewer teams and only one level instead of the three that MLB features? Every year we see guys lose their jobs and maybe get picked up here or there but after are year or two these guys, even if they have talent and just need more time to develop wind up doing what most of us do and walk away to find a regular 9 to 5 gig to feed themselves and their families. I have an idea of how this would/could work if the NFL wanted to implement it but that’s going to take me a while to write up and I am currently working feverishly to prepare for a possible hurricane, yet again!

Give me your thoughts below and I will return with more of my thoughts on this issue when everything here returns to normal assuming I have power. I have a generator but that will be dedicated to the refrigerator and two small window units that I store for just this lucky occasion.

As this is a nightly post also feel free to not only discuss the question/topic of the day but to use this as a live thread where the rules are pretty wide open and you can discuss nearly anything so long as your continue to follow the site rules. Speaking of site rules the three rules that come with a zero tolerance policy is that we do not allow ANY personal attacks against your fellow Phins fan or even a troll from another site. Flag it and walk away, do not get yourself banned over another’s stupidity. Beyond that there is no discussion or even references to anything remotely religious or political. There are plenty of sites for those discussions elsewhere but this is and never will be one of them.