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Phinsider Question Of The Day 08/17/2020

Miami Dolphins training Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Well here we are once again, camp has started and the players have hit the field in pads. As most would expect much of today’s focus was on the Miami Dolphins first of three first round picks, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Tua, at least in the limited clip that I have seen seemed crisp and sharp in his drop backs and throws. This would not be notable, due to the fact that these were simple short throws with zero pass rush, except for the fact that he is recovering from a broken hip and so far so good.

Beyond that, like we heard more than one time last pre-season, Josh Rosen was the star quarterback of the day. The kid clearly has the skills to play at the NFL level, now if he can just figure out how to put his God given ability together with game day speed you would have a hell of a starter. And of course we have old reliable Ryan Fitzpatrick who was out there getting his work in as the presumptive day one starter.

So to sum up our current quarterbacks room we have a kid that has been labeled a bust after two seasons, in neither of which he started or played in every game, a rookie coming off one of the worst football injuries you will ever hear about and the old guy who at 37 (how the hell is that old but anyway...) can seemingly adequately fill the role of starter and may not ever be the kind of player to put the team on his back and win games but he most likely will not be the reason you lose any games either.

My take on each is as follows thus far. Rosen is still young and had very limited time starting. Yes he has struggled but he would not be the first quarterback to enter the NFL and then struggle for a few years before eventually busting out and becoming a good to great quarterback. Sure, he could still bust and be out of the league in short order or maybe he just might make a career of being a backup which I still think might be the best job in the NFL. Hell backups make good money but take very few hits most years, only extending their ability to play longer. In my opinion the jury is still out on Rosen.

Tua is the quarterback that the team is going to push to become the eventual long term starter if only because they spent the number 5 overall pick on him. Tua was called a cant miss before the injury but I don’t think any quarterback is a cant miss. There are way too many variables that go into being an NFL QB for anyone to ever really know what you will get once they hit the field during a live game. He might be great or just pedestrian or he might bust. Besides that his past major injury, the same injury that ended the careers of other great athletes will always be a concern for the team and the fan base. Anything is still possible with this kid but we will all be rooting for him to be a top 5 guy in the NFL sooner than later.

Then you have old man Fitz. Fitzpatrick seemed to have shaken much of the negative’s that have followed him throughout his career in the NFL from team to team to team. The knock on him of course was that he would look all world one week and then throw the ball to the other team five times the next time out. We did not see that sort of inconsistency out of him last season. He would not be the first and will not be the last quarterback that manages to stick around the NFL for what seems like forever before everything clicks and they actually manage to end their long career with two, three, four good to great years.

So the Phinsider Question Of The Day is what do you do if you are the front office of the Miami Dolphins and Tua does not become a starting level quarterback? Do you then look to Josh Rosen? Do you ride the back of Ryan Fitzpatrick until you have the opportunity to grab what you think will be the next great quarterback in the draft? Do you try and trade for someone?

Give us your thought’s below-

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