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So Far, So Good: NFL Keeping COVID Under Control

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Although there haven’t been any actual practices yet, or any other on field work, it’s nevertheless encouraging that as of Saturday, only 22 NFL players were on teams’ collective reserve/COVID-19 list. With more than 2,500 players currently on NFL rosters, that number translates to less than one percent.

Perhaps even more encouraging is that one of the Miami Dolphins’ most significant offseason acquisitions, presumed starter at left guard Ereck Flowers, has been taken off the team’s quarantine list. Although players who have either tested positive for the virus, or, more likely, tested positive for the antibodies that indicate they’ve already beaten the virus, are placed on the list, as well as players who have been in close contact with a player who tested positive, the fact that Flowers has returned so quickly is a pretty good indication that he probably never had it to begin with.

Of course, with actual practices scheduled to begin soon, we could very well see that number rise, but with the frequent and rigorous testing schedule the league is adhering to, the prospects for a decent NFL season look a little better today than they did a month ago, in my opinion. Of course, the key now is for the players to maintain their discipline and try to avoid large gatherings of people, and not going out to clubs or restaurants, etc, too often. You can be sure that this point has been driven home by Flores & Co. at length. ’If it’s a bay, it’s A-OK, if it’s an inlet, it’s a good get, an estuary, no need to be wary, but, by jove, that cove is no treasure trove, if you see someone coughing, avoid that hot stove and get away faster than Karl Rove.’ That’s the wrap for today, have a great week, everybody.

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