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Time for an update: New comments launching on The Phinsider

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Good afternoon! Today is going to be a new day here on The Phinsider. Thank you all for hanging out with us for the last 14 years, using us as a place to get your Miami Dolphins news, talk about the NFL and the team, and make some friends. We have so much more to come, with a big step happening this afternoon.

We have always been a site that has evolved. You hung with us back when we were a fledgling site, founded by Matt Infante in 2006:

You made it through the transition to me running the site in 2011:

The next year was a huge evolution for the site as we moved to SB Nation United. There was a lot of early consternation with that change, but I think we all quickly came to love the new look and the new tools we now had:

Now in 2020, SB Nation United has changed some. Our logo was updated a little, the colors muted, and we continue to be a clean looking website bringing you Dolphins news and talk:

Over all these years, the draw of this site is you - the reader, the commentor, the community. Whether it is debating whether Ryan Tannehill is a good quarterback, or worrying about monkeys in a nightly live thread, The Phinsider is home to a lot of us. Today, we are going to do some renovation on that home.

The comment platform across SB Nation was developed over a decade ago. We have seen minor adjustments but we are outgrowing the capabilities of the system. It is time for an overhaul, and that happens in just a couple of hours. We are getting a new system, called Coral - seems to compliment an aqua site, don’t you think? - and it is going to help move us from the 2010s into the 2020s.

The NFL team sites and are the first sites in the SB Nation network to receive this remodel. The Coral team will tell you, this is not a finished product, but the basis for further evolution. The Phinsider is among the last of the NFL sites to make the transition, and the Coral and SB Nation teams have already started looking to improve the product, taking your feedback and integrating it into the system.

They have heard that the ignore button is awesome, but the lack of “z” function or new comment markers is worrisome. Game threads are a concern, but the mobile functionality is much better with Coral. There will be other issues that pop up, and there will be other things you discover that you love. I ask that you please let us know. Throughout the afternoon, SB Nation and the Coral team will be around the site. Leave comments and let them read what you are thinking. You can also email them to

Change can be jarring, but, just like with every other change to the site, you are the most important aspect of the community we have built here, so please give this latest evolution a chance. I promise you, we will still be here and we will still be the best Dolphins community around.