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New Miami Dolphins face coverings available

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We all live in COVIDland now, a place where covering our noses and mouths is a regular part of life. Whether you are going to the grocery store, work, or - maybe one day - a football game, the face covering has now been added to the list of things you have to grab on your way out the door - and many times the thing you have to turn around and go back to get when you walk out the door without it.

Why not add another face cover to what is probably a growing collection - but this time add one with some style? Our friends over at Fanatics have released a couple of new coverings with the Miami Dolphins logo. They are simple, clean, single-color coverings with the Dolphins logo on the side.

If you would like to grab one, you can click on the links below. And, hopefully, we will get a chance this season to see them at a game.

NOTE: This is a special event item. Orders containing this product will be shipped separately. This item will ship no later than Thursday, October 8th.