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Madden 21: EA reveals Tua Tagovailoa’s Madden rating and it is good

LSU v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

There’s not a lot going on this offseason.

So, when EA releases rookie ratings for their upcoming installment of Madden NFL 21, I get out the typewriter and start writing.

Earlier today, Madden released this video of Hall of Fame QB Steve Young revealing some of the rookie’s top ratings in this year’s game. And as you can see, Tua Tagvoailoa is more than excited to see the former San Francisco 49ers, quarterback. A guy that many draft experts compare Tagovailoa too. Not only for his left-handedness but his sneaky quick escapability.

Young unveiled Tua’s play-action rating, which is an 84.

He also told the Dolphins’ 5th-overall pick that his break a sack rating is an 80.

I then went one step further and headed over to the official EA website, where low and behold, each of the QBs ratings were revealed.

For anyone familiar with Madden, a 73-overall rating is perfect for a rookie at any position. And if you go one step further and break it down based on accuracy, throw power, and any other relevant QB rating, Tua should be very exciting to play with in this year’s game.

Most notable ratings:

  • 73 overall
  • Awareness: 76
  • Throw power: 88
  • Short accuracy: 86
  • Medium accuracy: 80
  • Deep accuracy: 84
  • Injury: 84

Will you buy Madden this year? What do you think of Tua’s Madden 21 ratings? Too low? Too high?

Let us know in the comments section below!