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Chris Grier ranked 18th best GM in NFL

Miami Dolphins News Conference Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

There have been many obscure rankings posted over the last several months, with none leaving a bigger stench than Chris Simms’ quarterback rankings. But since Simms posted his controversial rankings, which had Tua Tagovailoa ranked #40, I’ve tried to take a step back.

After all, everyone has an opinion. And although some of these rankings come from high-profile “experts” and “analysts,” it’s nothing more than guesswork.

So, when Rotoworld posted their annual GM rankings, I was intrigued to see where Grier fared against the rest of his peers. Would he be given recognition for the beautiful rebuild he has started? Or would he be faulted for the decades of mediocrity?

Here’s what Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld had to say about Dolphins’ GM Chris Grier.


That sound you heard was a window opening earlier than expected. Just one year after gutting the roster and selling the frame for scraps, Chris Grier decided to beef it back up, cashing in six top-70 picks and spending like a wild man in free agency. The open market is not where championship teams are built, but the stakes were low for the Dolphins, who needed to splurge just to reach the salary cap floor. Even after inking Byron Jones, Kyle Van Noy, Shaq Lawson and Ereck Flowers — amongst many others — the Dolphins entered late July with $20.7 million on hand, the eighth most in the league. None of those additions complicate Grier’s long-term goal of returning the Dolphins to relevancy. The draft is where he placed his big bet, No. 5 overall pick Tua Tagovailoa. Openly coveted by the Dolphins for two years, Tagovailoa would have been a contender for the top selection if not for his serious hip injury. There’s a chance Grier landed his quarterback of the future at a deep discount. If not, it won’t be a franchise-crippling mistake thanks to Grier’s unprecedented picks cache. We are likely still a ways away from the result, but Grier’s process has been sound.

To some fans, this will be a bit insulting. (Why is Chris Grier ranked in the bottom half of the league?) But what we must remember is that although Grier has been with the team for several years, he’s only held the title of general manager for a couple seasons.

Furthermore, to get a real understanding of what Grier is capable of, we need to see how the 2020 draft class pans out. Because if Tua Tagovailoa can prove to be the player much hope and the additions to the offensive line develop well, Grier should find his way in the top-10 sooner than later.

The Dolphins and their fanbase should be happy with what Grier has done. Because for the first time in years, it feels like this team is finally headed in the right direction. And that starts at the top.