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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 07/23/2020

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

I will begin tonight’s post by saying that ANYTHING that is even remotely delves into the political area of discussion will be removed and the poster will receive a warning or temporary ban. There has been a rash of this lately and it is strictly prohibited by the site rules for those of you that have not read them...but we all agreed to them when we joined the site so save me Bill and Kevin the headache because we do not ever want to have to warn or ban anyone ever.

Ok with that out of the way the recent troubles of Washington finding a new name for their team, who for the 2020 season will roll with the horrible name of Washington Football Team, which is much like naming your new dog “dog”, got me to thinking. What if for some reason, which will never occur, we had to change our name. So the Phinsider Question Of The Day is what would you call or better stated name our beloved Miami Dolphins if for some reason we needed to adopt a new name for the franchise? What is great name that would suit a team located in South Florida?