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Phinsider Hump Day Flashback and Live Thread

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Tonight’s Phinsider Hump Day Flashback is the 1982 AFC Championship game between the Miami Dolphins and the hated New York Jets. Some games, well most games that are great or stand out tend to be about a team, a team doing something great together or even two great teams that battle to the very end with no one knowing who will be victorious in the end. But every now and then you will have a player that for whatever reason more or less stood on his head for that one day and carried his team to victory. I have seen such games from Jason Taylor (remember that game where he decimated the Chicago Bears) and I have seen games like that from the likes of Ray Lewis. This game was all about former Miami Dolphins linebacker A.J. Duhe.

This game was not a blow out or did it have a lot of scoring. Miami walked away, headed to the Super Bowl, with just a 14 to 0 score. So what made this game amazing and all about one man? Well to begin with it was a rainy and muddy day at the Orange Bowl so it was one of those games where you might have expected one of the two defenses to be the star of the game or at least set the tempo for the eventual winner. This was true in this game only in this case the Miami Defense rode A.J. Duhe’s three interception game to victory that day. Duhe’s amazing day was capped by a fourth quarter interceptions, his third of the day, that he returned 35 yards to the end-zone, ball held high as he crossed the line, securing the win for his team.

This performance by one man will forever go down as one of the greatest performances in a single game by any player in Miami Dolphins history!