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The Dolphins New Era Summer Sideline hat collection has dropped!

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Training camp is coming...we think...hopefully...maybe. Whenever the coronavirus pandemic allows camp to start - and the NFL is still operating as if it will be in the next week to week-and-a-half - teams will get back to work in preparation for the 2020 regular season.

The initial plan will have the teams conducting an extended classroom/indoor period, then transitioning to more conditioning work. The extended camp will then allow for teams to ease their way back into full practices. Throughout the summer, the Miami Dolphins will have an awesome new summer sideline hat. Aqua with “Dolphins” across the front in a kind of gradient outline and with the team’s logo on the back, it is a really good looking hat.

Of course, we have a way for you to grab one - or the official straw hat of you would like - right here. Click below and you can grab one for yourself.