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Colin Cowherd: Dolphins ‘lot of fun’ with Tua, ‘dark horse playoff team’

LSU v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins with Tua.” Why could the Dolphins be among the league’s most interesting teams in 2020? According to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, it is as simple as that. The Dolphins used the fifth-overall pick in this past spring’s NFL Draft to select former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, giving them a potential franchise quarterback and a spark for a struggling franchise.

It is expected the Dolphins will start training camp with incumbent starter Ryan Fitzpatrick atop the depth chart, while Tagovailoa could sit for up to the entire year as the Dolphins evaluate his recovery from a hip dislocation and fracture sustained last season at Alabama. However, there is thought that, should Tagovailoa prove to be 100 percent recovered from the injury, he could compete for the starting job and potentially claim it before the regular season begins.

Cowherd seems to agree that that train of thought.

“Listen, he is going to play early,” Cowherd continued. “He is going to hit it in practice and no one is going to sit around watching Ryan Fitzpatrick. This team was very interesting down the stretch. They have solved their tackle issue [with] Austin Jackson. They went and got Matt Breida at running back from San Francisco. Defensively, Byron Jones the cornerback from the Cowboys; Kyle Van Noy. And, we know, the head coach can coach defense. If Tua plays, watch out. This is going to be a lot of fun, and, I think, they are a dark horse playoff team.”

The Dolphins have been a mediocre franchise for far too long. Now, as they begin a deliberate rebuild, they may finally have a bright future. Cowherd seems to think that future may be here quicker than a lot of other pundits believe.