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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 06/25/2020

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts
Carolina Panthers wide reciever Chris Hogan
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Even before the cleaning of house last season that saw many of the Dolphins biggest names traded away or not resigned the Miami Dolphins have had a history of letting players get away that then develop into either a really solid player or even sometimes a star for someone else. The salary cap does at times get in the way of keeping guys that you have developed because their price tag just become too large for the team to handle at the time. The big but though is that several of these guys like say a Chris Hogan who was nick named by fellow Miami Dolphins players as 7-11 because he was always open and was one of the clear stars of preseason and then we let this guy just go for nothing in return? Were we so deep at wide out at the time that there was no room for a dude that was always open (something that we have seen wide-outs in Miami have a problem with for more than a bit)?

Last season we saw a freshly cut Ryan Tannehill move on to the Tennessee Titans only to light it up and end the season with the highest QB rating and not by a bit. The jury is still out on letting him go for some Phins fans, some hated it and some love it. So goes being a Dolphins fan where not everyone can ever agrees on anything it seems. Lamery Tunsil was traded away for a kings ransom so while he was the one really solid offensive lineman I can at least understand this move but it still cut a little even if I did understand it. Minkah Fitzpatrick who has all the makings of long term star in this league complained just a bit too much-boom gone! I could type all day about each and every player that we let go or clearly cut too soon.

The reasoning behind these losses is all over the place. Sometimes a player pisses off the coaching staff so much that they get traded, see Minkah. Or they get to an age that the staff cannot see any real spot for the guy in their future plans, see Cameron Wake. Sometimes the guy just wouldn’t listen and tried to freelance too often so he’s gone, see Kiko Alonso. Sometimes the guy doesn’t fit the system which would be a legit reason at least. Sometimes the reasoning that was given was so random you just shrug your shoulders because...well? But the one that has always concerned me the most is the coaching staff not being able to recognize the talent in a player that seemed very evident to everyone at home, take another look at Chris Hogan. On top of this is the staggering number of ex Miami Dolphins that seem to show up and not only play but often contribute in a very meaningful way in the Super Bowl. So frustrating to sit and watch at home thinking my team can’t even sniff the playoffs.

So Tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is what Miami Dolphins player have you seen cut or traded that you still regret as a fan and you still see as a giant mistake on the teams part and why?