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2020 NFL Schedule: Miami Dolphins schedule released

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Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL schedule has been released, with all 256 regular season contests now on the calendar. The league has scheduled the games as if the current restrictions for the coronavirus pandemic will no longer be in place, with the season starting on Thursday, September 10, as the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting

The Miami Dolphins will open 2020 on the road at the New England Patriots. This game is typically a marque affair, with the two teams seeming to split the annual home-and-home series. This year, however, it will feel different as the Patriots will be beginning their first regular season campaign without Tom Brady in 20 years.

Miami will play one prime time game, unless they get flexed later in the season. Right now, that game will be in Week 3 at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

An oddity of the schedule will be in Weeks 10 through 12, where Miami will host the New York Jets, then have their bye week, then travel to the Jets. Should be a fun three weeks of hating the Jets.

Here is the full schedule for the Dolphins:

Miami Dolphins 2020 Schedule

PS Week 1 (Aug. 13-17) - @ Atlanta Falcons

PS Week 2 (Aug. 20-24) - vs. Philadelphia Eagles

PS Week 3 (Aug. 27-30) - vs. Detroit Lions

PS Week 4 (Sep. 3-4) - @ New Orleans Saints

Week 1 (Sunday, Sep. 13) - @ New England Patriots

Week 2 (Sunday, Sep. 20) - vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 3 (Thursday, Sep. 24) - @ Jacksonville Jaguars (TNF)

Week 4 (Sunday, Oct. 4) - vs. Seattle Seahawks

Week 5 (Sunday, Oct. 11) - @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 6 (Sunday, Oct. 18) - @ Denver Broncos

Week 7 (Sunday, Oct. 25) - vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Week 8 (Sunday, Nov. 1) - vs. Los Angeles Rams

Week 9 (Sunday, Nov. 8) - @ Arizona Cardinals

Week 10 (Sunday, Nov. 15) - vs. New York Jets

Week 11 (Sunday, Nov. 22) - BYE

Week 12 (Sunday, Nov. 29) - @ New York Jets

Week 13 (Sunday, Dec. 6) - vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 14 (Sunday, Dec. 13) - vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Week 15 (Sunday, Dec. 20) - vs. New Englad Patriots

Week 16 (Sunday, Dec. 27) - @ Las Vegas Raiders

Week 17 (Sunday, Jan. 3) - @ Buffalo Bills