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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 05/23/2020

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day has to do with the upcoming season. As we have all seen discussed online and on any of the sports networks there are contingency plans for just about every pro league at this point as how to play games when seasons do restart with either empty stadiums and arenas or at the very least half full or even a quarter full buildings. These contingencies also will rely or depend on which state the facility is in as each state has their own set of rules and guidelines at this point. This makes decisions that have to be made nearly impossible in some ways when you know that the rules are a moving target and differ from state to state or even from city to city in some cases. Will one stadium for example have to open with 25 percent capacity which would result in the team only being able to sell that many tickets or having to potentially refund a hell of a lot of people then to only be told later in the year that they can up that number to 50 percent or 100 percent? What if the Virus goes away for the most part only to explode again when it gets cold and then everything changes again on a dime?

Beyond the headaches that the uncertainty that we all continue to live under that is going to give ticket sales managers and stadium management around the country nightmares, how does this affect the competitive nature of the game. Fans are the reason that home field advantage is a thing. Teams just tend to respond better to knowing that the whole crowd is on their side or can be rattled when they are not. Now some stadiums are not full as it is but if your team sucks and you lose your home filed advantage because people refuse to pay for your crappy product, well that’s just part of the game and how it goes. But what happens when it’s possible that its your team that has to play with zero or few fans thus hurting the advantage you have against teams at home but then have to go play an away game in what could possibly be a packed stadium? Now it’s not a level playing field anymore IMO.

So the ultimate question is how do you see this playing out knowing that there is nearly zero chance that every state is going to wind up on the same page as to how to handle these issues? Do you think that this will in any way give certain teams an advantage that they otherwise should not have? Is this fair or should we all just begin to realize that fairness in life is not a real thing? What is your take? Everyone’s opinion is as always welcome but please do not bring anything political into this discussion.