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Ryan Fitzpatrick on his beard, Tua Tagovailoa, Chan Gailey, and the future of the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

A few days ago, the internet was buzzing over DeVante Parker and Michael Thomas. Their small feud started all because Parker muttered the letter “A.”

Something unique again happened yesterday afternoon, when I was fortunate enough to join a zoom meeting with Davon Godchaux, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the rest of the South Florida media.

We learned a lot about both players during this call, and some of their most notable quotes will be featured below. But the most significant talking point from Thursday’s pressers was how epic Fitzmagic’s beard truly is.

I took this picture yesterday, and it somehow appeared all over the internet.

Bleacher Report, Sports Update, NFL Brasil, and a number of other sites ran with this picture. Again, a simple picture that I decided to take because I thought he looked smashing.

But the best part of Thursday’s press conference wasn’t his appearance, but what he ended up saying about Tua Tagovailoa, Chan Gailey, and the future of the Miami Dolphins.

When asked what his thoughts were on the Dolphins selecting Tua and his role in his development, here’s what he said.

“I think just like everybody else, it was expected that if there was a guy that they liked in one of those selections, they were going to pick somebody. Tua happened to be the guy in that spot and obviously they really liked him. So for me, I’ve been in this situation before a little bit. I just try to go in every day and be myself. Even in the Zoom meetings right now, I just be myself. I’m an open book and try to make sure that they know and are comfortable with coming to me with questions. I’m also going to express my opinions and thoughts on plays that we are watching and 2-minute drives. We’ve been going over some of that stuff, and my mind and the process and how I think through it, right or wrong, just to provide some perspective. I’m excited for him to be here. I loved watching him play in college. I think he’s going to be an awesome addition to the team for a long time.”

Fitzpatrick was then asked about his relationship with Chan Gailey and the success they had together in New York.

“I think being in his system for five years and a couple of different teams with a bunch of personnel, Chan was really the first guy to truly believe in me and gave me my shot as a starter. I’ve just always wanted to prove him right and to play well for him. He’s the guy that allows players to play to their strengths, he’s got an offense that is not very complicated to learn, but very complicated for defenses in the way it is presented to them. He does a great job utilizing different guy’s talents and putting them in position to succeed. Not necessarily telling them there is a certain way to do it, but allowing them some freedom and some creativity within certain constraints, to do the best job that they can. I think guys have enjoyed playing for him for that reason. I’ve got a ton of confidence and trust in him, and I know he feels that same way about me.”

FitzMagic then explained what it’s like to be the leader in the Dolphins’ locker room and having the respect of his coaches and teammates.

“My career has definitely been a progression – finally becoming a starter and then trying to hang onto that job, trying to hang onto that job, wavering in confidence a little bit. Right now where I’m at in my career, it’s nice to hear those things; but those are things that you see and feel every day with your teammates, that I was able to see and feel every day at the end of last year. The way we kind of had things going and the confidence we had in the building. So that stuff is nice to hear but you can kind of feel it throughout the building as well. For me, the position of quarterback is such a leadership position, and I think it’s important to have somebody the guys look up to and respect, the way that you work, the way that you go about your business. It’s humbling for me to hear those things but also knowing the way my teammates feel about me.”

Lastly, he breaks down how he’ll approach the QB room and what it will take to remain the Dolphins’ starter for the foreseeable future.

“I’m as competitive as they come, so I want to go out there and start. I know there are a lot of forces that go into it from all kinds of different sides. Whether that happens or not, who knows. I know that in order for our team to be successful, whoever is playing from that quarterback room has to be successful. Whether that’s me out there, doing everything I can to put the team in position to win, or whether that’s somebody else – be it Tua that is out there doing it – I’m going to do the best I can to help him to make sure our position is doing the things that are going to make our team win. That’s my mentality, that’s how I think about it. You know me very well I think from last year, and you know I want to be out there competing on Sundays.”

We learned some interesting things from Thursday’s press conference. But what both Godchaux and Fitzpatrick reiterated, is that the Dolphins made significant improvements this offseason. And although it’s easy to crown a paper champ in May, the real work will begin when facilities open.

That and of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick has an epic beard.