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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 05/13/2020

NFL: FEB 25 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well it came a little late, the NFL schedule that is, the one that we finally got to see last week. It of course was delayed as are most things these days due to the CoVid 19 scare. Now as we inch towards the season the NFL is still maintaining it’s distance. Well it’s keeping it’s players away from the different team facilities out of an obvious air of caution any way, at least until the end of this month. I know the opinions on how the shutdowns are run have become more political than scientific and I will abide by site rules and not “get into politics” but we allow the politicians to do this to us far too often.

This is a virus, a more deadly one that we usually have to deal with obviously but I will, as I always have take my medical advice from my doctor. You know the one that spent 8 years in school and then some more training and so on. Plus I am married to someone that is not only a medical providers with several degrees and a masters (including an odd marine biology degree thrown in for good measure) who has seen what this virus can do to people that should be otherwise perfectly fine. Young people, old people, middle age people, children. It’s the not knowing that we are all grappling with. Either way there is going to be an air of uncertainty until we just see what happens. Will things just continue to get better (not happening in some places yet but others are doing much, much better) or will as the doctors are all predicting going to be worse than ever when fall arrives?

I don’t know and these are things that we all need to be able to at some degree make our own decisions about. But for the NFL this is a tricky question. There are legal ramifications if you fill a stadium full of people and say thousands of them come down with the virus and then some die, which of course some will. I personally think that if things are opened they owe us the warning and if we risk it there is no way that you could go after the NFL or any of it’s teams if you made a poor decision for your own health but some will still try. That being said what should the NFL do?

The proposals from the NFL range all over the place from playing in empty stadiums, to only allowing between 12 and 15 thousand people into any one stadium. This is probably less than 20 percent of what some stadiums can hold and I assume those numbers, if that’s the way the NFL rolls the plan will be adjusted per stadium and per stadium set up, etc... The average number of seats across the NFL is 69,444 so roughly 70 k per. There are various timelines for the NFL built into their plan that sees the season being pushed back many weeks to include the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I am sure that owners are pushing for the full stadium concept as the other option costs them money but the money they are all really worried about protecting is that of the NFL contracts with the various networks. This is of course where the lions share of proceeds for the NFL come from and they are about to enter into negotiations but no network is going to pay up for missing games or a missing season so the game must go on, but how?

So I know this is a complicated question with many, many unknown variables but how would you handled the NFL and their 2020 season scheduling under each scenario? Remember to keep political opinions out of your answers.

Please use this live thread to discuss anything you wish from the days topic to of course your Miami Dolphins to whatever your kid/grand-kids are up to these days. Please remember to not delve in to any topics that involve religion or politics for obvious reasons. Other than that its up to you so long as you are following the site rules.