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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 05/12/2020

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

I was reading this story from Yahoo Sports today with the title “Moment Of Glory”. It was about a player most have probably never heard of, Vernon Perry. I am not sure I have before reading this story either. Well long story short this kid spent three years just trying to make an NFL club as an undrafted player while playing in the CFL before managing to do so and after that he had a fairly short career and only started for 3 and a half years for the then Houston Oilers while never seeing a single pro bowl. In short he’s the kind of player that had he played for the Miami Dolphins you might recall his name if you had been a fan back in 1979 but he’s not a player you would otherwise know or really ever think about. There are hundreds of guys that have come through the door for the Dolphins and every other NFL team and some, most in fact, that did not start for any period of time will be forgotten by even the most die hard of Dolphins fans but some, for some reason will always be remembered even if it was for just one play.

So what did this dude do for the Oilers that was so amazing? In only his rookie season Perry’s Oilers were set to play the heavily favored San Diego Chargers led by one of the most electric quarterbacks ever, especially by that point in the NFL, Dan Fouts. Perry in that game had four interceptions. To this point in the NFL there have only been 14 four interception games in NFL history but this was the only one to occur in the playoffs. If that was not enough for Perry he also blocked an attempted field goal and then scooped and returned it 57 yards. In the end the Oilers upset the Chargers based on the play of one individual who stood on his head that day and had the game of his life.

This of course reminded me a bit of Greg Camarillo. For those if you that might not have been around that long there was a time when the Dolphins were worse than we even saw last season. It was a year, a horrible year that saw us celebrate a single overtime win. We claimed Camarillo off of waivers just that September and added him to our very poor roster. Camarillo, for his part stuck around the NFL a bit but had what most would call a very unremarkable career. His career spanned 8 seasons, three with Miami and in those 8 years he only accumulated 1,730 yards off of 146 receptions and only 5 touchdowns. But despite those forgetful numbers its one touchdown that made him a hero for many Dolphins fans. In 2007 Camarillo, in an overtime game against the Baltimore Ravens, took a pass from Cleo Lemon (I know this sounds like it was 5 lifetimes ago) 64 yards for the touchdown sealing the only win for the team that season. There’s plenty we can talk about from that game and that season but the thing that stuck out for everyone was his one big play that will forever make him part of Dolphins lore. Otherwise would many of us remember him as well? I am going to guess no.

So the Phinsider Question Of The Day is what other former Dolphins stick out for you like Camarillo does? What did they do that has made you remember an otherwise forgettable player? Was it just a single play? A single game? A season? What’cha got?

Please use this live thread to discuss anything you wish from the days topic to of course your Miami Dolphins to whatever your kid/grand-kids are up to these days. Please remember to not delve in to any topics that involve religion or politics for obvious reasons. Other than that its up to you so long as you are following the site rules.